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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 06:42
japhb Good *, nwc10 06:43
... and now I head to bed. :-)
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jnthn moarning o/ 11:15
nwc10 aye \o 11:16
MasterDuke ahoy
brrt \o 11:34
tellable6 2021-03-19T19:19:00Z #moarvm <nwc10> brrt well, obvious step 0 is "make tea" but step 1 is where I'm stuck.
hey brrt, you have a message:
brrt nwc10: they *are* out of date
nwc10 o/
anyway, as you can "See" (but not really, thanks to not-a-Geth) I figured it out 11:35
the answer was mov64
brrt ah
nwc10 but it's all rather out of date, sufficient that "if I were you sir, I wouldn't start frmo here"
brrt (I need to get lunch) 11:36
nwc10 as in, I don't know enough to know whether it's easier to fix all the individual problems in the docs, or start again because the world has moved so far
brrt yeah, agreed
nwc10 this is important - go eat
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lizmat and another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 14:49
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cog Searching #rakudo twitter to ++ lizmat post, The third entry is :(. And the link is dead 16:12
I mean
In fact most of the said Rakudo tweets are from 2010. Am I the only one ? 16:16
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japhb lizmat: My name is misspelled in RWN. :-( It's 'Geoffrey', the British spelling. 18:07
lizmat argh 18:08
fixed, sorry for the confusion... I guess we don't see you enough around here anymore :-) 18:09
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japhb Awww, now I feel bad. 18:19
FWIW, I am around -- I backlog both #moarvm and #raku-dev daily -- but most of my energy either went to $day-job or MUGS now. 18:20
jnthn That's one more than I backlog :) 18:23
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japhb jnthn: What about #cro? I guess we both backlog that one, it's just got very bursty traffic. 18:24
jnthn Yeah, I backlog that too, but it's a quite short job :) 18:25
Even the bursts aren't that bursty
japhb True
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nwc10 jnthn: you seem to be stalking the Rakudo PR queue 18:28
jnthn nwc10: There's been a few things easy to review while I wait for test results or and between things :) 18:31
*or am
nwc10 ah OK. I don't have permission to push to rakudo. I think I do to "everything" else (that I've tried to push to)
in that, I can't do the last step on an approved PR, so it's not bceause "I'm slacking" or "I had some reason not to want to" 18:32
nine nwc10: that's good to know! 18:38
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jnthn nwc10: I doubt there'd be any objections to you having a commit bit, I think it needs a CLA signing or some such 18:46
nwc10 As I'm officially an employee, do I need to get my employer to approve this? :-) 18:49
jnthn That'd depend on the employment contract, I guess. :) 19:01
nwc10 I've not actually seen one of those.
nine IANAL but in Austria a company cannot lay claim to software you develop in your spare time - unless you're using significant company resources to do so 19:03
nwc10 nine: I think that the backstory on this joke is that the boss is nearer to the printer than I am, but she's on the sofa and unlikely to get up to visit it. 19:05
ugexe i've gotten quasi-patches in email before, and when i inquired about it it was because of their employer (Apple) 19:11
(inquired why they didn't submit the PR themselves or want to be credited) 19:16
jnthn nwc10: You have it better than I do; when I ask the boss something I have to provide the question *and* the answer... :) 19:17
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japhb "Here's the question, here's the answer, any objections? No? Great, because I already did it that way." 19:31
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