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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nine I think we have a new contender for highest commit message length to patch length ratio :D 11:16
cog Nine, as a bystander so far, I appreciate all the pedagogical work done by the MoarVM contributors. Thx 11:20
nine cog: you're welcome :) 11:28
bartolin_ nine++ 11:41
dogbert11 nine++, soon there won't be a single MoarVM error left 12:02
it's getting increasingly hard to find new bugs but that's a good thing :) 12:03
MasterDuke nine++ 12:06
dogbert11: btw, if you're looking for new ways to find bugs, both clang and gcc have static analyzers that have already found some legit bugs 12:07
though gcc 11 should significantly improve its analyzer, so i'm waiting for it to really look at its output 12:08
nine There's also still the spesh bug leading to "Cannot find method 'sink' on 'BOOTCode'" in t/spec/S17-supply/return-in-tap.t
cog IN such specialised and difficult, more likely the lack of competent people. That's why it is important to cheer up the people who do the hard work.
nwc10 nine: gah, I think you win :-/ 12:09
So, I was a bit distracted a month ago, so forgot to mention 12:11
but anyway, it's 5 months now and *still* no other info
I guess this ought to be the new schedule - Fibonaccii
so I'll comment again in 8 months and 13 (etc)
unless they actually share some new plan that can actually work on "how to monetise infrastrcture" 12:12 doesn't have much news either
nwc10 re-reads 12:21
nine: yes, you totally win. (and I hope nothing beats you in the future) 12:22
doing the whitespace ignoring diff in my head, you changed two times if (...) { ... } to if (1) { ... } 12:23
eliminated the if, removed the block, re-idented
so effectively remove 2 lines. with 108 lines of commit message 12:24
dogbert11 There seems to be a GC error lurking somewhere 12:29
I get it when running t/spec/S17-procasync/stress.t
test 24 more specifically 12:31
nine dogbert11: oh, I think I know why 12:36
dogbert11 cool, so you don't even need a gist :) 12:40
here it is anyway :) 12:42
nine dogbert11: pushed a fix
dogbert11 you're fast
nine Directly to master since it's embarassingly trivial...
Once one asks the right question like "are there any existing MVMROOT that I need to add the new arguments to", they are surpringinly easy to answer... 12:43
dogbert11 nine++ 12:44
a few quick test runs confirms that your fix works splendidly 12:46
lizmat just bumped MoarVM and nqp 13:55
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