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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 05:55
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MasterDuke long *, #moarvm 06:46
nine: is what you think is wrong? 06:49
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MasterDuke fwiw, removing that line entirely causes `Arg count 1 doesn't equal required operand count 2 for op 'isnull'` in the nqp build 06:51
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nine MasterDuke: I think I've misread the code a bit. After all there's this $num_args == $num_operands - 1 condition. But it's clear that there's an off-by-one somewhere in that method 07:35
MasterDuke agreed, but i haven't spotted it yet either 07:38
nine Oh, and now I understand it. It may actually be a feature
What the code does is for ops that write into a register, add that result register automatically to the operand list if it's missing. This implies that the write register can be specified explicitly, like nqp::iseq_i($result_reg, 1, 2) 07:40
MasterDuke hm, is that feature ever used?
nine Good question. You could make that automation mandatory by removing the `&& $num_args == $num_operands - 1` and see where it breaks 07:41
MasterDuke lets see. nqp builds and passes its tests... 07:43
rakudo builds... 07:45
and passes its tests and a spectest 07:49
nine I'm not terribly surprised
MasterDuke nor i
nine So, does this change fix the issue? 07:51
MasterDuke `./nqp-m -e 'for nqp::split(",", "abc,def", "ghasdfi") { say($_) }'` now dies with `Arg count 3 doesn't equal required operand count 2 for op 'split'`
which i think is a much better result than printing "ghasdfi" 07:52
any reason not to PR that change? 07:55
speaking of PRs, with a week before the release, i think and are pretty non-controversial 07:56
any thoughts from the channel? 07:57
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nine Please PR the change :) 08:18
MasterDuke 08:36
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nwc10 -- Theseadditional operations indeed hurt the interpreter perfor-mance. However, in practice the interpreter executes fora fraction of the overall execution time for many bench-marks. Thus, the overhead induced by the extra logicwe added could be considered as not significant 09:18
optimised for benchmarks? :-) 09:19
jnthn My own experience tells that real applications are less kind than benchmarks in terms of time spent in the interpreter. 09:34
The more one relies on that, the larger the warm-up time gets
nwc10 and if you take this too far you ship a JIT that can run an NES emulator very well, but can't help Rails. 09:38
kind of the same with Pyston and LLVM, I suspect. "Oh pants, we need a baseline JIT too". And Safari? 09:39
anyway, the approach in that paper shipped as part of the PyPy release a few days ago 09:41
jnthn iirc the CLR (at least initially, maybe still) never did interpret, it just went straight for a quick baseline JIT 09:45
(quick as in quick to produce the machine code)
I guess initially they cared only for x86 (maybe x64) and itainc 09:46
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nwc10 I believe that this is not entirely off-topic... :-) 12:34
So, the ongoing story of hot beverage fail 12:35
I went round to Andrea's parents to change her mum's car to summer tyers
[This is OK. One person visiting relatives]
but before I started, I wanted a cup of tea. OH NOES - where is the kettle?
so the kettle was unplugged, because it had to go back under guarantee, because it was dysfunctional 12:36
so, she tried using it
it's a fancy kettle - a button to pick 60°C, 70°C ... 100°C and a light to show which and beep to acknowledge input 12:37
kettle starts in a "disco mode" - beeping and cycling the temerature lights
then it deigns to heat water at 80°C for a bit. Then more disco. Then 70°C. Then I give up and use a pan
This has triggered Andrea to descale our kettle. 12:38
jnthn Did it ever make anything close to 70 or 80?
nwc10 Not really. Got some way there.
jnthn Ah. That's pretty useless for tea. :)
nwc10 So boiling water in a pan here during this descaling
first failure - yesterday - water from pan pours out much mroe quickly than a kettle - so comes out of the top of the Aeropress and everywhere onto the kitchen work surface 12:39
today, thinking that I was going to recount this story and how I'd not F'd up
I managed to make the coffee, but then drop the slug of squashed coffee grounds from the Aeropress *into* the cup of coffee 12:40
(And onto the worksurface)
recovered from this with a tea infuser as a sieve and another mug
I'm going to make more coffee - what could possible go wrong *this* time?
jnthn At least you had coffee before making this coffee, so it might go better? 12:41
nwc10 I hope so.
nine Why a pan, not a pot? 12:42
jnthn I only just remembered to order more beans in the latest grocery delivery. Forgetting that would have led to an unfortunate morning in several day's time.
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nwc10 oh my. Catastrophe averted 12:43
jnthn The one I used to have at home needed putting ground coffee into it for each cup, so I noticed I was running out. Now it's just a 500g beans container and all too easy to forget about.
It has a really silly failure mode where it will 1. grind beans, 2. realize its water tray is full, 3. just dump the ground but unused beans out, thus wasting them. I dunno why it can't figure out 2 before it does 1. 12:44
nwc10 nine: unclear if you're using "pan" and "pot" for the same things as I am - Andrea picks different words from me. In each case wanted the smallest cooking vessel that can go on the hob in which I could boil water 12:45
nine nwc10: I was wondering if it may be just a vocabulary issue, so I did an image search of pot;ia=images vs pan;ia=images 12:59
nwc10 I have coffee. I have drunk some. However, opportunities remain for spilling the rest 13:02
nine At least you only slipped water. Our filter coffee machine has a timer. You put water and coffee in, set the timer for next morning and are good to go. Except that you need to ensure that the pot is also in place. Otherwise you wake to that delicious coffee smell just to find that you first have to remove it from the kitchen counter and set up a new pot... 13:05
nwc10 how cruel 13:06
and how design fail! - one more microswitch
nine indeed
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timotimo 14:59
[Coke] I went from drinking k-cup coffee at home to driving a vehicle to a bakery a few miles away to get an Americano today. Bad Coke. 15:22
nwc10 This is awesome. It's quite readable. I'm only halfway through, but so far, to circumvent the GIL, it's "we link the entire Python runtime statically into our shared object, and use a linker script to hide *all* its symbols" and then "we copy our shared library to different names in a temp directory so that we can load it more than once" -- 15:33
before that part there's quite a good summary of why Python is a sodbag to JIT.
their citations are screwed up and they don't seem to have noticed. 15:34
also, I assume that the publication date is only a coincidence
MasterDuke timotimo: second life? 15:49
timotimo MasterDuke: bill wurtz music videos 15:50
MasterDuke huh, don't recognize the name 15:51
timotimo he just recently pivoted to blender from what i assume to have been Flash if you want to see something he made that got almost 120 million views 15:55
but this is only partially music 15:58
nwc10 "Both the extensions and code size issues can be resolvedby writing custom dynamic library loading code rather thanrelying on OS primitives likedlopen." 16:29
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nwc10 the number of hoops that they are having to go through to work around GIL limitations makes me wonder how long until a language that can thread (R or Julia)? starts to eat into this 17:31
also, oh my, the security and even just software engineering chalenges of "we package up models as Python code" 17:32
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nwc10 $ perl -le 'printf "%a\n", 3.1414999999999935' 18:17
$ perl -le 'printf "%a\n", 3.1415'
Is it actually possible to do that in NQP? :-)
anyway, oh my
they differ in the last 4 bits of the mantissa. That seems rather too sloppy to be acceptable 18:18
patrickb: if t/hll/06-sprintf.t is run on "this week"'s MoarVM is it still producing the same failure output? 18:20
patrickb It should. The fix I was writing about is not upstream. 18:22
nwc10 OK, but I can't remember offhand when a fix went into MoarVM that might be relevant 18:23
oh Dec 11
that's so last year
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nwc10 Offhand, for this expression: 18:28
my $float_str := ~$float;
where does that land in MoarVM?
(what's the route into the C code for that stringification) 18:29
patrickb give me a mome t 18:31
hm. need to reboot into windows 18:32
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MasterDuke probably coerce_ns or smrt_strify 18:33
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patrickb is back on Windows 18:35
nwc10 thanks, but "there might be a delay" until the next question 18:36
oh wait, I realise I did have one. 18:39
I think that the code in `scientific` will hit nqp::pow_n(10.0, $exp)
so in that test $exp was 20
m: nqp::say(nqp::pow_n(10.0, -20.0)) 18:40
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Could not find nqp::pow_n, did you forget 'use nqp;' ?
at <tmp>:1
------> 3nqp::say(nqp::pow_n(10.0, -20.0)7⏏5)
nwc10 n: nqp::say(nqp::pow_n(10.0, -20.0))
m: use nqp; nqp::say(nqp::pow_n(10.0, -20.0))
camelia This type cannot unbox to a native number: P6opaque, Rat
in block <unit> at <tmp> line 1
nwc10 aargh
MasterDuke nqp: nqp::say(nqp::pow_n(10.0, -20.0))
camelia 1e-20
nwc10 thanks
MasterDuke heh, np
nwc10 patrickb: so my only current question is does MinGW get the same value? 18:41
(and did I have it wrong - should my question be about nqp::pow_n(10.0, 20.0) ?
patrickb currently compiling
nwc10 thanks
I stuck a breakpoint on dtoa_grisu3 18:58
only call was from src/core/interp.c:888
888 is supposed to be lucky, isn't it? :-)
MasterDuke jnthn: in the examples in, why does MVM_SPESH_INLINE_LOG have no mention of either succeeding or failing to inline `infix:<**>`? things get inlined into it, but no other mention 19:00
nwc10: time to buy a chinese lottery ticket i guess? 19:02
nwc10 patrickb: not that you've got there yet, but I'm asking the wrong question. my num $exp := nqp::iseq_n($float, 0.0) ?? 0.0 !! nqp::floor_n(nqp::div_n(nqp::log_n($float), nqp::log_n(10.0))); 19:03
patrickb builds CORE.c atm... 19:04
nwc10 oops, I think that all these questions can be answered in NQP
actually, it is 10 and 20 19:07
er, -20
Starting program: /home/nick/Sandpit/moar-g/bin/moar --execname=/home/nick/Perl/nqp/nqp-m --libpath=/home/nick/Perl/nqp nqp.moarvm -e nqp::say\(nqp::sprintf\(\"\<%7.3e\>\",\ \[-3.1415e-20\]\)\)
810 pow(x, y);
x is 10, y is -20
here, of pow, gdb said 19:08
Value returned is $3 = 9.9999999999999995e-21
if pow(10, -20) is something else on MinGW, then this is the problem
patrickb nqp::say(nqp::sprintf("<%7.3e>", [-3.1415e-20])) -> <-3.141e-20> 19:10
that's on mingw
nwc10 OK good, bug still present
<-3.142e-20> on x86_64 linux, but I think that that's the only correct answer. As in, there should be no ambiguity. 19:11
does "nqp::say(nqp::pow_n(10.0, -20.0))" report 1e-20 ? 19:12
patrickb 1.0000000000000022e-20 19:13
nwc10 oh my
that's our problem.
you can reboot to $other (linux?) whenever you need to
patrickb it's a linux :-) 19:14
nwc10 I'm not yet sure whether the easier fix is dammit, just to redo the NQP code to trust the output of the stringification, and then do the rounding as decimal maths with character operations
this is, I believe, the long term right answer 19:15
and might even be faster than trying to bodge round the problem by "emulating" pow_n with multiply
patrickb rebooting is not that much of a hastle. So just ping me when you need more testing.
nwc10 I'm not confident on a "when", but hiding in the cellar looks like a plan for the next few days: 19:16
but there are other things to do (including tidying the cellar, and possibly also "encourage my son to actually do his school work") 19:17
oh my, if I'm not careful I will get a stroke-by-stroke commentary on writing letters.
Unicode eat your heart out - you can decompose ASCII further if you really want to :-)
nine MasterDuke: there is just one code path where optimize_call won't even make an entry about inlining: when it can't even identify the static frame to inline 19:21
patrickb reboots
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japhb Since there are more folks here at this hour -- we *may* have found a problem with the libuv bump that happened a couple months ago. I and ugexe have both been seeing "Failed to open dir: Too many open files" errors when doing a `zef uninstall`. ugexe is on MacOS and I'm on Linux, so it doesn't appear to be platform-specific. When I rolled back to just before the libuv bump, I couldn't recreate it. 19:31
nwc10 japhb: yes, erk, seems important but no immediate idea 19:32
ugexe i scanned the libuv changelog but nothing jumped out at me 19:33
japhb ugexe: Gah. Thanks for taking a look. 19:36
ugexe 19:41
japhb ugexe: Yeah, the only one that triggered something for me is 19:48
It's also the only change to mention fd at all since 19:49
ugexe fwiw testing a given commit is the problem would involve going to the libuv subdirectory of a moarvm installation, reverting the commit, then running `make install` inside the moarvm dir. then running rakudo should have those changes. its unfortunate there isnt a golf to trigger the issue 20:01
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