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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 06:26
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dogbert17 hello nwc10, your name came up yesterday evening 09:08
nwc10 what is this "evening" concept of which you speak? :-) 09:12
dogbert17 can you backlog a bit in this group, look for some comments from lizmat, alternatively try running 'my %h = "a" .. "e" Z=> 1..5; for %h.keys { %h{$_~$_} = 42 }' 09:17
jnthn good *
dogbert17 hello jnthn, had any coffee yet?
jnthn About 15% of the current mug has been consumed 09:19
dogbert17 so todays outlook is improving then :)
nwc10 dogbert17: I already ran it under valgrind. It doesn't trigger anything from valgrind. 09:23
lizmat nwc10: was the thought I had that a hash iterator would not bomb even if keys get added while it is not exhausted yet, correct ? 09:24
nwc10 correct
wait, er, no that's naughty
not correct. I think it's viable to fix this somewhat, but mostly at the level of "spot this and backtrace" 09:25
lizmat well... yeah, I know it's naught, question is will it bomb / segfault / do weird things or not
nwc10 right now I think it will hit undefined behaviour in C for some cases
lizmat ok, so when someone does something like that, it's DIHWIDT atm
and they should just use .eager on the iterator to work around it 09:26
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Geth MoarVM/new-disp: cbb41277f9 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | src/disp/program.c
Fix infinite loop in a GC mark function
jnthn new-disp is the winning kitten again, even before spesh knows what to do with it: 10:34
m: say 11.5 / 31.3 10:36
camelia 0.367412
jnthn Almost runs in a third of the time
lizmat tries to not salivate :-) 10:37
jnthn I had a worried moment while measuring this, though. The new-disp version seemed to be taking forever. Even 10,000 calls had been running for over a minute. Wat? Well, silly infinite loop in the GC :) 10:38
One open question is still "how will new-disp be in the baseline case of multi-dispatch", because we're replacing a special-case multi cache with a new generic dispatch mechanism. Of course, a simple benchmark of this will end up telling us little useful right now, because spesh doesn't understand new-disp yet, so we miss the whole inlining show. But it is interesting to measure how things are without spesh. 10:45
Results: 10:47
m: say 0.332 / 0.463 10:48
camelia 0.717063
jnthn So the baseline interpreter performance we see here is better in new-disp.
Knocking off around 30%
It's one synthetic benchmark, so I'd not read too much into it. There's also rather a lot more we might measure. 10:49
But it's also a promising result 10:50
lizmat I'd say, very promising :-)
jnthn One experiment I have just done is making it be only one call in the loop. The timings there are 0.209 (new-disp) vs 0.329 (head). 10:51
The one with two different calls favors new-disp (though in a reasonable way) in so far as it caches per callsite, not a shared multi lookup cache per proto 10:52
But it still wins in this case too 10:53
After lunch I'll have a go at getting multis with where clauses working with new-disp, which hopefully will also show a nice improvement. 10:55
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Geth MoarVM/new-disp: 3d452a5774 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | 17 files
Provide a bind failure -> resumption mechanism

The assertparamcheck op is used in the binding code emitted by Rakudo, and so far has always triggered a signature binding error handler. This makes it possible to invoke some bytecode such that if there is a binding failure (that is, assertparamcheck is used with a zero value), then instead of calling the bind failure callback, the frame will be ... (20 more lines)
timotimo nice 16:32
jnthn Yup, and it actually does work with letting us avoid some of the work with `where` clauses in Rakudo too 17:00
Again with the caveats that spesh doesn't really understand new-disp very well yet
m: say 1.34 / 4.86 17:01
camelia 0.27572
jnthn Nice, runs in almost a quarter of the time.
timotimo Jesusthon Christington! 17:05
sena_kun jnthn, sounds awesome. I wonder if the documentation gist wants some update, plus maybe it wants to belong to the moarvm repo. 17:07
timotimo at some point we'll start celebrating Worthingmas instead of Christmas 17:08
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MasterDuke jnthn: on new-disp, is there still a cost to having a `where` multi, even if it's never called? 18:25
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MasterDuke oh wait, not sure that question makes a whole lot of sense 18:31
well, i do actually have an example, though it's not what i meant... 18:32
m: multi a(Int $a) { $a + 1 }; multi a(Str $a) { $a ~ "a" }; multi a(Rat $a) { $a - 1 }; my $b; my $s := now; $b := a($_) for ^100_000; say now - $s; say $b 18:33
camelia 0.04212922
MasterDuke m: multi a(Int $a) { $a + 1 }; multi a(Str $a) { $a ~ "a" }; multi a(Rat $a where * < 0) { $a - 1 }; my $b; my $s := now; $b := a($_) for ^100_000; say now - $s; say $b
camelia 0.039810558
MasterDuke hm. locally the version with the where is consistently a little bit slower 18:34
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nwc10 bother. I've been concentrating so hard on not screwing up the hot beverages that I forgot to refill the beer fridge. 19:32
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jnthn Oh no 20:23
Mine is well stocked :) 20:24
Not quite to the degree it was before Easter, admittedly :)
MasterDuke: I'm not sure why the presence of something with a `where` that is never used would make a difference even on master, and I can't see anything in the new-disp approach that would lead to that. 20:25
tellable6 jnthn, I'll pass your message to MasterDuke
nwc10 which Easter? :-)
jnthn This one. The previous Easter I didn't yet own a dedicated beer fridge, and had to remember to regularly stock the regular fridge. 20:27
This was a bit error prone, and the early binding wasn't ideal either. 20:28
nwc10 I't snot quite "the neighbours exploit Orthodox/Catholic calendar differences to have two Christmasses and up to two Easters" but they do observe both. 20:32
or the cherry-pick the side effects of both
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jnthn Ah yes, more excuses to celebrate. :) 20:57
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