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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
nwc10 good *, #moarvm 05:08
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MasterDuke interesting 07:57
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MasterDuke and some follow-up on computed goto vs tail call 08:03
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MasterDuke now that the release has happened, i'm hoping and and can get some eyes on 08:16
jnthn: in the remove opt PR, is of particular question 08:18
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jnthn morning o/ 09:07
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MasterDuke timotimo: i can't even get a dead simple example to work with tracy 09:10
nm, got it working 09:18
brrt moarning 09:28
nwc10 \o 09:29
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MasterDuke arg, but i haven't yet got it hacked into the moarvm build... 09:53
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MasterDuke how do i get the Makefile to just add 3rdparty/tracy/TracyClient.cpp to the compile? i.e., my simple test was just `gcc -DTRACY_ENABLE -g -march=native -I tracy/ -lstdc++ -lpthread -ldl -O2 -o at.out tracy/TracyClient.cpp test.c` and that worked (complied and generated data when run) 10:21
nwc10 MasterDuke: maybe something like git show 1b60490d2fa1e59db5e21ccfa1ec2b31142860cd build/ 10:23
MasterDuke 'fatal: bad object 1b60490d2fa1e59db5e21ccfa1ec2b31142860cd' 10:24
nine MasterDuke: commit is from Apr 17, maybe git remote update?
MasterDuke ah, thanks 10:25
nwc10 "this week" :-)
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MasterDuke hm, that gets farther...sort of. if i `cp 3rdparty/tracy/TracyClient.cpp 3rdparty/tracy/TracyClient.c` then i get: 10:30
compiling 3rdparty/tracy/TracyClient.o
In file included from 3rdparty/tracy/common/TracySystem.cpp:41,
                 from 3rdparty/tracy/TracyClient.c:14:
3rdparty/tracy/common/TracySystem.hpp:8:1: error: unknown type name ‘namespace’
if i don't copy then i still get the `/home/dan/p6/MoarVM/src/main.c:281: undefined reference to `___tracy_emit_zone_begin'` 10:31
jnthn Um, sounds like that's C++ code, not C code. 10:40
MasterDuke yeah, it has an extern "C" 10:42
just got it built...let's see if it works...
looks like... 10:43 10:46
.tell timotimo 10:47
m: say (^1_000_000).grep(*.is-prime).elems    # this is what i ran
camelia 78498
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MasterDuke and the changes i made 11:12
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lizmat and another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 13:25
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cog lizmat++ 13:30
Is 7.0 still a thing ? 13:31
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lizmat cog: it's a teaser :-) 13:34
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MasterDuke hm, after adding the tracy tracking macros to MVM_(m|c)alloc and MVM_free, the collection program dies with `Instrumentation failure: Memory allocation event was reported for an address that is already tracked and not freed.`, but valgrind doesn't complain... 15:04
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nine Maybe it missed a free? 15:11
MasterDuke hm, if i add --valgrind and then run under valgrind, valgrind itself dies after the program completes with `Memcheck: mc_main.c:5765 (vgMemCheck_is_valid_aligned_word): Assertion 'VG_IS_WORD_ALIGNED(a)' failed.` and then a valgrind internal stacktrace 15:14
nine: i'm not sure, still exploring this thing. got the same with with --full-cleanup
nine: unrelated i suspect, but might be up your alley 15:23
and still present 15:24
nine MasterDuke: looks to me like that's just missing cleanup of worker threads 16:02
part of my more_asan_fixes work in process
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MasterDuke cool 16:12
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