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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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[Coke] - didn't someone do this? 01:30
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[Coke] does some ticket maintenance on MoarVM but can't actually fix anything. 02:11
nwc10: would it be helpful to have a ticket label "porting" or some such?
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geth_ MoarVM/master: 13 commits pushed by (Nicholas Clark)++
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japhb Are there any GC tunables available from up at the Raku level other than `VM.request-garbage-collection` (AKA nqp::force_gc)? 06:25
I'm facing occasional GC hiccups in my server that jump from 1-5ms to 100-150ms, which is well into the territory of "consciously noticeable by humans". I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to alter that for latency apps. 06:27
(Testing generally indicates humans prefer medium-but-steady performance to high-but-unpredictable performance for anything involving human reaction times. Of course, truly steadiness won't make up for truly poor performance, but that's a whole different problem.) 06:29
*Of course, steadiness 06:30
It would be nice to be able to tune steadiness versus throughput for the GC behavior, but I understand that's a whole pile of research of its own. 06:31
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MasterDuke japhb: i don't think there's anything else available from raku, and not much in moarvm either that could be exposed. definitely not at the maturity of the jvm in that regard 07:30
japhb Dang. Well, I knew it was a long shot, but I figured I'd ask in case I missed something. 07:34
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nwc10 good *, brrt 08:15
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brrt good * nwc10 08:23
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nine A small step for mankind, but a big hop for a water tank :) 10:33
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lizmat yup... now only to not have this fire after landing :-) 10:34
not an issue on Mars or the Moon, but pesky when getting back to Earth, I'd say 10:35
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brrt (what rocket are we talking about today?) 10:51
nwc10 -- In general, this has been followed by a dramatic explosion as one aspect or another of the incredibly complex series of events required doesn't work quite right. The biggest exception was one case where that explosion waited for several minutes after the rocket's landing. Today's launch followed the script right 10:52
up to the landing, at which point everything changed. The landing went off without a hitch this time, and the hardware stayed intact—albeit on fire—well after the landing.
brrt ooh, nice 10:55
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timotimo japhb: have you considered grabbing a heap snapshot or two, or looking at allocation statistics in the profiler's output? 11:23
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timotimo most helpful is that the profiler will count up for each type how many of them were freed by a minor or by a major collection 11:28
types that get collected majorily in minor collections contribute to other objects becoming considered "older" at shorter lifetimes 11:29
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tbrowder [Coke]: ref issue #1492, I added a partial log showing the coderef warnings and line ref 15:44
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japhb timotimo: I'll look into both of those. Yesterday I needed to feel more success and less yak shaving, so I did actual MUGS-level work. :-) 18:58
timotimo i think i already asked you before but i've forgotten what MUGS is 19:06
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dogbert11 there's a flapper lurking in t/spec/S03-operators/repeat.t 19:12
test 56 the second part: "" 19:13
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japhb timotimo: and #mugs here on Freenode 19:38
Happy to answer any questions. :-)
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timotimo what games are implemented there? 20:19
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japhb timotimo: So far, pretty minor stuff, just to feel out the APIs. Guessing games, tic-tac-toe, that sort of thing. One of the other Rakoons (raydiak?) asked if I would put some more energy into action games, to fill out more of those pieces of the API. 20:53
That's when I discovered that JSON wasn't going to cut it any more and wrote CBOR::Simple (and TinyFloats, and Cro::CBOR) to have a more efficient (and faster to validate on message receipt) encoding. 20:54
So while I wait for the next Cro release, I've been working on server-side generated particle effects that are rendered client-side, in order to test sending game state updates with hundreds of updates per frame. 20:55
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[Coke] tbrowder: thanks 21:47
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tbrowder [Coke]: you're welcome. and i just recompiled moarvm separately and i found a couple of warnings in 3rd party libs. i'll add those to the issue in a bit. 23:21
fixing them is beyond my current c fu 23:22
[Coke] might be worth keeping the 3rd party lib warnings separate since we can't as easily fix them and may have to report them upstream 23:29
tbrowder yepper, i thought about that, then passed the buck for now :-( 23:51
i'll be fresher tomorrow...