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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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nwc10 good *, #moarvm 07:56
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lizmat nwc10 o/ 08:46
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jnthn o/ 09:39
nwc10 \o
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lizmat this has been driving me crazy for the past hours: 10:26
the inner map never gets executed ?
am I missing something ? 10:27
jnthn `for`? :) 10:28
lizmat for ?
why would I need a for ?
jnthn Because you want eager evaluation? 10:29
lizmat ok, so it's a matter of it not pulling
jnthn If you have a map in a map, then it produces a Seq of Seq. The outer one is sunk. This does *not* descend into the inner one.
lizmat aaaaahhhh duh 10:30
ok, thanks!
do for it is then !
jnthn Why the do?
lizmat because I want the result returned ?
jnthn The result of...what? :) 10:31
lizmat the golf was just that: a gold
jnthn Ah, OK. I mean, if the die never happens it means the inner map is never used by anything
lizmat in my original code it was returning from a method
jnthn I also wondered if you wanted a `flat` before the outermost map 10:32
But hard to guess from the golf :)
lizmat it's returning Slips
jnthn ah, OK
lizmat I was refactoring a hash keyed on nicks, each with a hash keyed on dates, with messages as values 10:33
instead of first selecting the nicks, and then go through all the dates 10:34
i wanted to go over the dates, and then select the nicks 10:35
that way, if a date *and* nick selection is done, it would need to do a lot less in most cases
jnthn ah, I see 10:36
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brrt \o 15:04
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nwc10 o/ 15:31
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MasterDuke .ask patrickb you said something a little while ago about windows vms? 21:18
tellable6 MasterDuke, I'll pass your message to patrickb
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