Welcome to the main channel on the development of MoarVM, a virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo (moarvm.org). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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Nicholas good *, #moarvm 07:44
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nine Dry morning! 08:11
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timo and a dry morning to you 11:00
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sena_kun I wonder if new-disp makes the CPU starved somehow, when I run spectest on master the load average is about 32 as it should be, but with new-disp it's about 6-7. 11:36
I suspect that's known as there is no optimizer yet.
lizmat interesting... 11:42
I don't really see how that would matter, though
timo i wonder what magic incantation you can use for perf to get info about this 11:50
like, do you want to sample like cache wait times or so?
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sena_kun timo, I don't think I want to, though I can if guided. I am obviously under-qualified to think about any of this, so just stating what I see as someone who has to run tests. 12:00
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nine I don't think it can be cache waits, as those are too low level. Load average is the average number of processes that have been runnable from the scheduler's point of view in the given time frame. 12:10
I don't think the scheduler knows when a process is waiting on memory. That changes much too fast and too often.
So if load average is low despite many processes "running" many of them must be in sleep state, i.e. waiting for some external factor like a timer or connection or something like that. 12:11
That's if there are that many processes in the first place. At least the Perl harness isn't actually that good at keeping many parallel processes busy. 12:12
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MasterDuke jnthnwrthngtn: is there any LHF re speshing new-disp? 13:17
lizmat feels it's time for a bump 13:23
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jnthnwrthngtn MasterDuke: Not really; the first thing that's really to be done is switching spesh back on for calls that are dispatched using the new dispatch mechanism, and that's a bit all-or-nothing 14:01
In the best case it's "adapt spesh logging and candidate selection to the new calling conventions"
I hoped that p6sink becoming a dispatcher would be sorta LHF but I've got weird failures. 14:02
oh gosh, I think I see what I've done, and that's subtle AF 14:04
(For those curious: nqp::isconcrete will decont, but generating an isconcrete bytecode instruction directly will not, and this is relied upon in order to not sink things in containers.) 14:07
Yay, with that twiddled it works. No more MAST::Call usage in Rakudo 14:17
MasterDuke nice 14:21
jnthnwrthngtn Next to change over the last invoke instructions emitted anywhere by the QAST compiler 14:22
(those for invoking immediate blocks)
dogbert17 MasterDuke: there are still GC bugs lurking but perhaps Timo or Nine are fixing them as we speak :) 14:23
timo not me, nope 14:29
nine dogbert17: there are? How to reproduce? 14:54
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dogbert17 nine: give me a sec ... 15:11
Geth MoarVM/new-disp: 2bd41559a7 | (Jonathan Worthington)++ | lib/MAST/Nodes.nqp
Remove MAST::Call and other invoke emitting bits

These are no longer used by NQP nor Rakudo running on new-disp.
jnthnwrthngtn Finally. That means almost everything is now running via the new dispatcher 15:22
The remaining exception being NQP's multiple dispatch 15:23
nine Niiiice :)
dogbert17 jnthnwrthngtn+++
jnthnwrthngtn With no loss of passing tests/spectests, also :) 15:27
I think I might do the NQP multiple dispatch next, to get it out of the way. 15:32
There's not that much after that beyond being able to do the rebootstrap and start clearing some stuff up in MoarvM 15:34
sena_kun recalls a gist with a TODO list 15:35
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/07/19/2021-...uled-to-3/ 15:39
jnthnwrthngtn lizmat++ 16:09
dogbert17 nine: one GC bug seems to be hiding in t/spec/S05-substitution/subst.t 16:34
I'm running with MVM_GC_DEBUG=1 and a nursery of 24000 bytes 16:36
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nine dogbert17: that could be a hard one 18:30
jnthnwrthngtn: I see an arg_info.arg.o pointing at fromspace. Same pointer is in the original ctx->arg_info.source[ctx->arg_info.map[arg_idx]]. But isn't source just the caller's work register list now? 18:39
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dogbert17 nine: so you managed to repro it then :) 19:11
nine Well..."it". That file yields several different failure modes. So far I have tracked down one definite bug. 19:16
Geth MoarVM/new-disp: 1db0f3bb9c | (Stefan Seifert)++ | src/disp/boot.c
Fix another possible access to fromspace in boot_code

We also need to protect code from getting moved by the GC during the allocation in MVM_disp_program_record_track_arg.
nine Now back to finding outdated pointers in registers 19:23
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dogbert11 Here's one of the failures: 19:33
#0 MVM_panic (exitCode=0, messageFormat=0x0) at src/core/exceptions.c:854
#1 0x00007ffff78acad6 in MVMHash_bind_key (tc=0x55555555aea0, st=0x5555555c8e48, root=0x5555556d3ca0, data=0x5555556d3cb8, key_obj=0x5555576b9450, value=..., kind=8) at src/6model/reprs/MVMHash.c:119
#2 0x00007ffff77dfb39 in MVM_args_slurpy_named (tc=0x55555555aea0, ctx=0x7ffff723c7a0) at src/core/args.c:1254
jnthnwrthngtn nine: In simple cases, yes, source is the register list, however it may also be a chunk of memory in a flattening callstack record, or point into a capture if we are in the record phase, or if we can't use the args tail in a call it may also be a set of temporaries as written by the dispatch program 19:42
nine That's quite a few places to check for proper GC marking 19:44
jnthnwrthngtn Yes, although one can look at what kinds of records are on the call stack to get a hint 19:51
Curious. I switched NQP's multiple dispatch to new-disp, which probably was the last thing that spesh could get its hands on to optimize. Despite that, the setting build got a bit faster. 19:58
lizmat smiles 19:59
MasterDuke jnthnwrthngtn: btw, have you seen github.com/Raku/nqp/pull/732 ? 20:04
jnthnwrthngtn MasterDuke: Yes, but forgot to review it. I just did so; it looks fine to me, so stuck an approve on it. 20:07
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MasterDuke cool, thanks 20:07
lizmat any reason not to bump MoarVM at the moment ? 20:08
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MasterDuke lizmat: don't think so 20:11
lizmat ok, then will do so in a few mins
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nine jnthnwrthngtn: in dispatch_polymorphic don't we need to MVMROOT the collectables needed by the dispatch_initial call? Presumably those MVM_disp_program_run calls could lead to allocation, couldn't they? 20:16
jnthnwrthngtn nine: In theory the dispatch programs should never allocate if they fail (and we try another one), although I've conservatively tweaked things elsewhere to root them anyway 20:22
nine Oh...we do already
No idea how I missed that
Maybe it's time to call it a day after all :)
jnthnwrthngtn Sigh, this is silly, though probably also my fault. We have *two* different things called NQPRegex. 20:23
The NQP rebootstrap fails due to something in that area, but I think I should also call it a day 20:25
MasterDuke recovered from the 2nd shot? 20:26
jnthnwrthngtn Well, this time around my arm didn't hurt at all. I rested all of Saturday, and on Sunday was like "ohh, I'm fine", walked ~6km, and felt totally knackered, and then woke up today wiped out. 20:27
So...I guess not quite, but I might have been if I'd been more careful yesterday :) 20:28
Nicholas rakudo new-disp gives me:
+++ Compiling blib/Perl6/Optimizer.moarvm
getcodeobj needs a code ref at gen/moar/Ops.nqp:351 (blib/Perl6/Ops.moarvm:)
jnthnwrthngtn Did you pull?
Nicholas so something not quite right
I thought that I did
jnthnwrthngtn Hm, it seems I pushed
Nicholas I did pull
jnthnwrthngtn ah, good
ah, good 20:29
Nicholas my fail,t hat is
I did pull
I didn't check it out
jnthnwrthngtn oh :)
Nicholas ^d'
jnthnwrthngtn afk for now, maybe for the evening
Nicholas sleep well 20:30
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