Welcome to the main channel on the development of MoarVM, a virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo (moarvm.org). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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nine goo moanin #moavm 07:39
Nicholas good *, nine
nine So, I managed to get a spesh dump of the broken frame and it's inlinees by setting a watch point on the spesh slot holding the Str and then reverse-coninuing and calling MVM_spesh_dump manually. 07:52
And there may be someting: in the inlined graph of add_object_if_no_sc, there's sp_guardconc r1(2), r1(1), sslot(4), litui32(7)
This gets changed during inlining to: sp_guardconc r38(1), r29(1), sslot(20), litui32(7) 07:53
Notice the litui32(7) that's unchanged? That's the deopt_idx. And I think it should get updated but doesn't.
That sp_guardconc doesn't seem to have an INS Deopt Inline annotation which would hold the updated deopt_idx during inlining. 07:55
The instruction before that is sp_guardsf r8(2), sslot(3), litui32(6) and has an annotation 07:59
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MasterDuke github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/blob/new-...#L527-L532 looks like it should be doing that 08:24
nine But that's only called when there is a Deopt Inline annotation, which this instruction lacks. 08:25
MasterDuke github.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/blob/new-...#L603-L608 it's called for all the deopt kinds, right? not just inline? 08:29
nine Yes, but the instruction doesn't have any annotations at all 08:35
MasterDuke oh, ha
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dogbert17 nine: so are we now waiting for some words of wisdom from a suitably coffee infused jnthnwrthngtn? 09:53
Nicholas I hope that he didn't have a coffee bootstrapping problem. 09:55
nine dogbert17: either that, or for me to find some more time :) Which...may be a while. There's $dayjob now and some teaching of flight students in theoretical topics this evening.
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lizmat jnthnwrthngtn is doing some red tape stuff today, at the other end of Prague, is my understanding 10:55
jnthnwrthngtn I'm just back from it. 10:56
Nicholas \o/
jnthnwrthngtn And grumpy.
Nicholas oh. premature \o/ :-(
jnthnwrthngtn They got me there to tell me "oh, we don't issue this kind of document any more becuase of Brexit, can you come back tomorrow to do biometric data for the new thing we'll give you?" 10:57
I'm like...how boring do you think my life is? No way.
Anyway, it's now registered in their computer that I satisfied the requirement to visit them to "collect my permit" within 30 days of being told to. 10:58
Nicholas so the left had knows this, but the right hand that wrote to you to go visit them didn't?
jnthnwrthngtn Pretty much that.
Nicholas that's stupid
jnthnwrthngtn It's very stupid, 'cus it costs half a day to go there/back
Anyway, they'll see me sometime in autumn, when I can be arsed, because I know that by law I've a year to do the other step. 10:59
Nicholas that's sort of like the Austrian beaurocracy failure mode, where they are very accurate at following their checklist on their desk, but it isn't always the exact same checklist they put online that you read before you visited. Or there are corner cases. Or whathever. So you don't have all the right ducks lined up in a row. At least, not until visit two.
jnthnwrthngtn Yes, last time I went there and took a document that they didn't say they needed "just in case" and then they did. 11:00
But given I assume "give biometrics" and "collect card with biometrics" will be 2 more visits, then this whole process will be 4 trips there. 11:02
Although only 2 of them really were for PR and the 2 other two are Brexit fallout. :/ 11:03
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[Coke] PR? 14:36
nevermind. 15:03
jnthnwrthngtn hah, yes, in this context it is not pull request :) 15:07
(Permanent Residence, basically "permission to keep living here for a long time") 15:09
[Coke] best of luck! 15:10
(Mainly with navigating bureaucracy!) 15:11
jnthnwrthngtn Thanks. Well, they granted it, so the decision part is fine, it's just getting a document out of them. :) 15:15
[Coke] nativecall windows failures - tried running one test that has failed on concurrent runs in the debugger while doing a run with concurrency - couldn't get the debug version to fail. 15:17
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tbrowder anyone heard of c static analysis tool frama-c (frama-c.com)? might be worth a look-see for MoarVM 16:25
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timo i am now using my manually assembled split ergo keyboard but i havent learned symbols and such so no programming just yet 22:33
japhb Manually assembled? 22:34
timo aye sir, wiH my own hands
the layout i stole from a frienq does interesting things i haev not adjusted to, like pressing comma once gives me a comma and a space actually 22:35
japhb Intersting.
I've been using a Goldtouch split keyboard for a few years, but before that I had a programmable keyboard, so I could build macros on the fly directly on the keyboard itself. Very useful for certain tasks. 22:36
Kinda wish I could have a programmable Goldtouch though, would be a nice combo. 22:37
timo i ordered the thing as a kit of two pcbs, a bunch of mechanical keyswitches, keycaps, a bunch of dqiodes and four resistors, two trrs dacks two reset buttons two microcontrollers four slices of acrylic and two smaller ones, screws and brass spacers, two small oled displays
thats about it 22:38
a friend is sending me leftover rgb leds so i can have undergrond lighting to show layers and other internal state variables
japhb Heh. Sounds very techno 22:39
Ntts Nttss Nttts
timo only if i strobe them haha
it does not by default have anything to add a speaker to, but one of the uc boards has some pins left over 22:40
japhb :-)
timo and many pins are also broken out at the edges for modding purposes, such as the i2c bus used for the oled and the whatever it is for the rgb leds 22:41
.oO( "There are unused pins! I must connect them to something!" )
dogbert17 timo: does your new keyboard have cat protection :) 22:44
timo depends on what kind you mean
not really anything to prevent them from stepping on the keys 22:45
dogbert17 so they can help you code :)
timo truly
dogbert17 have they shown any interest so far?
timo sadly i hadnt realized that the microceontrollers included in this were so incredibly underpowered lol 22:46
not terribly much. one already put her leg across it while cleaning herself
dogbert17 Cherry switches? 22:48
timo anyway, the controllers are working with 2.5 kilobytes of ram and i think around 26 kib flash 22:49
these are gchoc low profile switches by kailh with linear actuation and rather low activation force
dogbert17 a bit like cherry red then perhaps 22:50
timo red comes close yes
cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/348...232516.png 22:51
dogbert17 interesting design 22:52
otaku keycaps it seems 22:53
timo theres a thumb cluster that.s mostly an arc across the bottom, but also two keys above the innermost two ones that i cant really hit without liftign my hand or turning it around
splitkb.com/collections/switches-a...nt-keycaps 22:54
also has a picture of the whole thing
dogbert17 very cool 22:55
timo it runs qmk which has an incredible feature set to pick from 22:58
theres an atmega32u4 in it on both halves here 22:59
[Coke] (programmable keyboard) I picked up one of keyboardio's on their most recent kickstarter. 23:19
(also split)
timo those are ceertainly shiny 23:38
i was lusting after a moonlander 1 but thats also a rather expensive piece of tech, and theres also shipping and importing fees for that, whereas the kyria gets shipped from the netherlands 23:39