Welcome to the main channel on the development of MoarVM, a virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo (moarvm.org). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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nine I may have a clue: [Annotation: INS Deopt All (idx 10 -> pc 390; line 1037)] 16:17
[Annotation: Cached (bytecode offset 374)]
[Annotation: INS Deopt One Before Instruction (idx 9 -> pc 374; line 1037)]
dispatch_o r11(2), lits(lang-find-meth), callsite(0x67f3a0, 3 arg, 3 pos, nonflattening, interned), r8(7), r9(3), r10(2
There are both a Deopt All and a Deopt One Before annotations on this dispatch_o. We know the result of the dispatch_o, which is why we optimize away pretty much the whole rest of the frame. 16:18
So, could it be that at some point we find that Deopt All annotation, look at the deopt index, see that we deopt to after this dispatch_o, so we actually continue to think that we know the result? 16:19
The Deopt One Before would throw us to an earlier place
src/spesh/manipulate.c contains a comment: "case MVM_SPESH_ANN_DEOPT_ONE_INS: /* This moves to the previous instruction, but we need to put it on the end of the list, so the earlier deopt point will win when searching for deopt points. Otherwise, we can deopt to a later place than we should have." 16:23
But just making sure that the DEOPT_PRE_INS annotation comes first doesn't fix anything either 16:50
JRaspass In ad-hoc middleware (e.g. before { ... }) `content 'text/html', render-template ...` still works under the latest Cro but `template ...` now dies with "Can only use 'template' inside of a request handler". Is that intentional? Seemed pretty convenient to use the short-hand in before blocks, my use-case is rendering a "pretty" 404 page. 17:03
[Coke] Might be a better question for #raku? 17:05
Altai-man or in #cro
JRaspass sorry i thought i was in #cro, ignore me lol
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timo maybe just generating a call to the autothreader with the proper arguments rather than slurping can be a great help, hmm. 19:50
nine No wonder changing annotation order doesn't fix anything. After all, after the deopt we actually do land before the dispatch op having those annotations already. 19:54
MasterDuke but changing the order is still a correctness fix?
timo oh so it wasnt that deopt kicked us past the dispatch op 19:55
nine No, it's that spesh pretends that the dispatch will always have the same result and doesn't mark the downstream registers as needed for deopt.
So we optimize away initialization code for other registers that those downstream ops use. 19:56
timo ok that sounds like we should have used pea to eliminate these but we actually just tossed them out completely with the simpler optimizations we have 19:57
nine Still haven't found why we don't mark them as deopt_used 19:58
timo if spesh thinks the dispatch will always have the same result why is it still calling it, i wonder 20:00
nine It doesn't :) 20:01
It treats it like it always will return VMNull and optimizes away the non-VMNull branch after that. And since the registers used by that branch are not marked deopt_used, it optimizes away the earlier initialization code for these registers as well. 20:03
Then we deopt, follow into that branch and use uninitialized registers
timo were you able to get it in rr? :) 20:04
nine Yes, this one is trivially reproducible for a change :) MVM_JIT_DISABLE=1 MVM_SPESH_BLOCKING=1 MVM_SPESH_NODELAY=1 rr record /home/nine/rakudo/install/bin/moar --execname=/home/nine/rakudo/rakudo-m --libpath=/home/nine/rakudo --libpath=/home/nine/rakudo/blib --libpath=/home/nine/rakudo/install/share/nqp/lib /home/nine/rakudo/rakudo.moarvm -Ilib t/spec/S12-methods/parallel-dispatch.t 20:05
timo im still super slow with the new keyboard when it comes to symbols and modifiers 20:08
nine The spesh log of the second(!) specialization of dispatch:<.?> tells the story well enough though. We segfault because r14(11) is NULL, which is because of r12(13) and before that r3(2) are uninitialized.
And the facts are: r12(13): usages=0, flags=0 DeadWriter 20:09
r14(11): usages=0, flags=0 DeadWriter
timo im not sure if its in moars tools folder but i had a gdb script that would put breakpoints at certain steps of the spesh process, dumped the spesh log in a file, had that file in git and shows the log with diffs at the end 20:10
nine Oh, wait a minute! r3(2): usages=0, deopt=9, flags=9 KnTyp Concr DeadWriter (type: Capture) 20:11
So at least the start of this chain does have the deopt usage marker
The really weird thing is that PEA is definitely missing a case for MVM_SPESH_ANN_DEOPT_PRE_INS. If I wanted to create the exact kind of bug I'm looking at, leaving out that case would be the way I'd introduce it. But fixing that still doesn't change a thing 20:19
Now maybe we also need to threat MVM_SPESH_ANN_DEOPT_PRE_INS a bit differently, but I don't see how.
MasterDuke wave a lead pipe menacingly in its general direction? 20:20
timo whatever leads to the solution i guess 20:23
im not sure i actually got the same reproduction of this issue in front of me 20:31
is it between a call to flattenable hash and flattenable list? 20:34
nine Sigh. I feel like running in circles. It looks like the reason for PEA to "PEA: OPT: eliminated an allocation of Capture into r14(7)" is because spesh already optimized away that whole branch which would use the Capture.
Thread 1 "moar" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00007ffff7919ba1 in lang_meth_call (tc=0x405e40, arg_info=...) at src/disp/boot.c:348
348 MVMHLLConfig *hll = STABLE(invocant)->hll_owner;
invocant is NULL there
timo ok thats the one
i guess i did not step back far enough to get pre the deopt
nine Just set a breakpoint on MVM_spesh_deopt_one and reverse-continue from the segfault 20:35
Should be called from sp_guardnonzero
Oh...I guess PEA is actually correct in optimizing away allocation of that Capture. After all there's also this materialization data thingy for when deopt happens. So that's where we should find information about how to restore that Capture but don't. 20:39
timo ah thats a good step 20:41
nine And the information seems to be there and to be correct!
Materializations: 0: Capture from regs r23, r24
Deopt point materialization mappings: At 9 materialize 0 into r3 20:42
timo in that case pea is borking the materialization
is it because the 9 doesnt match?
nine [Annotation: INS Deopt One Before Instruction (idx 9 -> pc 374; line 1037)]
But: Will deopt 88 -> 374 20:47
And the deopt_idx is actually 24!
[Annotation: INS Deopt One Before Instruction (idx 9 -> pc 374; line 1037)] 20:48
sp_guard r8(17), r8(7), sslot(4), litui32(9) # [009] Start of dispatch program translation
sp_getspeshslot r20(0), sslot(9)
eq_s r21(0), r9(3), r20(0)
[Annotation: INS Deopt One Before Instruction (idx 24 -> pc 374; line 1037)]
sp_guardnonzero r21(1), r21(0), litui32(24)
So we get materialization info for the sp_guard, but not for sp_guardnonzero
Even though r3(2) is used after both 20:49
timo hm, i dust introduced guardnonzero maybe i forgot to put a case for it somewhere
nine And both deopt to the same point of the bytecode
timo oh do we forget to copy the materialization info for the other idxes? 20:52
nine where would we do that? and to which other idxes? 20:57
timo despite how important it is i have barely read through the deopt code 20:59
nine Well, need to go to bed now. Good night! 21:04
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