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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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dogbert17 MaterDuke++, nice work yesterday 14:20
that should ofc be MasterDuke++ 14:21
there are two juicy new-disp bugs waiting for the rr experts :) 14:32
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nine there are_ 16:15
dogbert17 nine: indeed 16:20
t/spec/S32-io/utf16.t hangs with MVM_SPESH_NODELAY=1 MVM_SPESH_BLOCKING=1 and a small nursery (12k) 16:21
t/spec/S04-statements/with.t fails to comipile given the same settings
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vrurg How hard would it be to add atomics support to NQP? 19:56
lizmat isn't it already in nqp as nqp:: ops ? 20:07
$ nqp -e 'my int $a; nqp::atomicstore($a,42)' 20:09
Cannot perform atomic store to a non-container value of type BOOTInt
vrurg lizmat: that's it. There is no atomicint.
lizmat but isn't that just a matter of definition?
afaik, the "atomicint" is reallt just an int64 ? 20:10
the magic being in the ops, *not* in the variable ?
going afk&
vrurg In the core it is 'my native atomicint is repr('P6int') is Int is ctype('atomic') { } ' 20:11
ctype is what's missing for NQP.
lizmat I see :-(
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vrurg Ok, correct me if I'm wrong, but atomics wouldn't work without containers. So, no go for NQP. 20:44
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timo atomics can work on locals by way of NativeRef, right? 21:10
maybe we can only sensibly emit that at the qast level at the moment in nqp 21:11
"is ctype('atomic')" is only for getting the right size, isn't it?
but yeah, nqp doesn't build containers by itself, and if we can't "just" get a nativeref or similar with "is rw" or so, that will need ome extra work 21:36
vrurg timo: but that'd require more work than it worth, perhaps. 22:23
timo do you have anything in particular in mind? 22:27
vrurg No. I just played with adding atomicint to NQP (required a grammar fix) only to realize that nqp::cas results in a "not a container" kind of error. 22:41
timo yeah, nqp also doesn't have "is rw" 22:42
vrurg That's easy to understand. But with atomic I needed the error message to realize the fact. :) 22:44
timo have you tried adding something to t/nqp/104-refs.t? there are reference types there which may support atomic ops 22:45
vrurg No. I didn't even know that exists. But looks promising. Unfortunately, I have discarded all changes in NQP already. Would have to try it later. 22:48
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timo the nqp test suite is a little treasure trove in general 23:25