Welcome to the main channel on the development of MoarVM, a virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo (moarvm.org). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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Nicholas good *, * 07:01
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dogbert17 hmm, what's the difference between TempIRCLogger and RakuIRCLogger? 15:26
lizmat dogbert17: RakuIRCLogger is the "production" logger that is used for the logs.liz.nl website and the github.com/Raku/IRC-logs repo 15:34
TempIRCLogger is my test version of that
that feeds my logs test server 15:35
in any case, after this last update, we shouldn't see Geth flapping anymore after it reported a commit
dogbert17 lizmat: thx for the explanation 15:54
lizmat fwiw, I think we can now upgrade the other bots to the most recent IRC::Client, and get rid of the re-connect hack that they currently have 15:55
IRC::Client now checks for PINGs from the server, and will automatically reconnect if a PING is not received within ~ 10 seconds of its expected arrival time 15:56
expected arrival time calculated from the difference in the first two PINGs seen, and set to 5 minutes if no enough PINGs seen yet 15:57
normally, PINGs are sent every 2.5 minutes or so by Libera chat servers
vrurg jnthnwrthngtn: Lang design question: why pairs only smartmatch against their values and ignore keys? It feels so counter-intuitive. 16:17
It is especially confusing when $file ~~ :d and $file ~~ :f are different things, but :d ~~ :f is true. 16:20
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lizmat m: %(a => 42) ~~ %(b => 42) # hashes check both keys and values 16:24
camelia ( no output )
lizmat m: say %(a => 42) ~~ %(b => 42) # hashes check both keys and values 16:25
camelia False
lizmat and in other situations, Pairs are considered 1-element hashes... so there *is* an inconsistency indeed :-)
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lizmat m: say (a => 42).keys 16:26
camelia (a)
lizmat m: say (a => 42).elems
camelia 1
lizmat m: say (a => 42).kv
camelia (a 42)
jnthnwrthngtn vrurg: See in design.raku.org/S03.html#Smart_matching
The line of note being: 16:27
Any Pair test object attribute ?."{X.key}" === ?X.value (e.g. filetests)
I think the origin was a regularized replacement for the Perl `-d $file` or some such 16:28
So `$file ~~ :d` is really like `$file.d === True`
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jnthnwrthngtn In the same document look for "The filetest operators are gone. We now use a Pair as a pattern that calls an object's method" 16:29
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jnthnwrthngtn Ah, but maybe you're asking about Pair ~~ Pair 16:31
m: say :a ~~ :!a
camelia False
jnthnwrthngtn m: say :a ~~ :a
camelia True
jnthnwrthngtn m: say :b ~~ :a
camelia True
jnthnwrthngtn Hm, that's unexpected and I think wrong 16:32
Associative Pair test hash mapping $_{X.key} ~~ X.value
By that definition it's clearly meant to care about the key
So it's Rakudo that's wrong, the design intent was for the key to matter
m: say { a => 1, b => 2 } ~~ :a(1) 16:33
camelia True
jnthnwrthngtn m: say { a => 1, b => 2 } ~~ :a(2)
camelia False
jnthnwrthngtn It gets it right there, I note, so it really is just Pair ~~ Pair that is wrong
lizmat that's been wrong for ~ 6 years then : d8f7e8b8d6ea25b 16:38
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vrurg It is even specced. But, luckily, it's only a single test which fails when I tested it. So, I'll try to commit the change and see if there be Blin fallout. 16:41
But only after the upcoming release.
vrurg is afk
lizmat stops patching and will wait for vrurg 16:42
vrurg lizmat: Have you started patching the Pair?
lizmat yes
but I did a git reset --hard now :-)
vrurg Do it then. It's just +1 line to method ACCEPTS and one test in t/spec/S02-types/pair.rakudo.moar 16:43
I'm currently finalizing smartmatch PR and started with optimizations for ~~ Pair cases. Apparently, it depends on the behavior of ACCEPTS. 16:44
afk again...
lizmat github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/4671 # vrurg 17:08
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vrurg lizmat++ 19:10
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nine Running LibXML's tests: 19:50
t/00ast.t ..................... rakudo-m: src/core/str_hash_table_funcs.h:28: MVM_str_hash_kompromat: Assertion `!(control->cur_items == 0 && control->max_items == 0)' failed.
Nicholas presuambly that's not reliably repeatable beacuse it depends on hash randomisation 19:58
nine Actually it seems to kill precompilation of LibXML-raku/lib/LibXML/Raw.rakumod quite reliably 19:59
(gdb) p retval
$1 = {pos = 33239752, serial = 0, owner = 13241355059095914077}
*control is {salt = 13241355059095914077, ht_id = 13241355059095914077, serial = 0, last_delete_at = 0, cur_items = 0, max_items = 0, official_size_log2 = 0 '\000', key_right_shift = 0 '\000', entry_size = 16 '\020', max_probe_distance = 0 '\000', max_probe_distance_limit = 0 '\000', metadata_hash_bits = 0 '\000', stale = 0 '\000'} 20:00
Nicholas OK, hangon, that looks like an empty hash 20:01
(I don't have the source yet)w
what's the backtrace? what called MVM_str_hash_kompromat?
nine gist.github.com/niner/473f15dc5b61...9fdad6a8b2 20:02
Nicholas OK, I don't know how that hasn't been hit before 20:04
and also, it's maybe 12 months since I looked at this code
The fix, I think, is that MVM_str_hash_start() 20:05
should have this:
if (MVM_UNLIKELY(!control)) {
if (MVM_str_hash_is_empty(tc, hashtable)) { 20:06
(not sure how many MVM_UNLIKELYs that needs...
what created that hash? 20:07
nine Match.new(#`(from Capture) @!list, %!hash, #`(from Match) $!from=0, $!pos=1, $!to=-1, $!shared=ParseShared.new(#`(from ParseShared) $!CUR_CLASS=(Match), $!orig=Str.new(#`(from Str) $!value='$!doc'), $!target='$!doc', $!highwater=0, @!highexpect, %!marks, $!fail_cursor=Match.new(#`(from Capture) @!list, %!hash, #`(from Match) $!from=0, $!pos=-3, $!to=-1, $!shared=<already seen>, $!braid=Braid.new(#`(from 20:08
Braid) $!grammar=<already seen>, $!actions=(NQPMu), $!package=<already seen>, $!slangs), $!bstack, $!cstack, $!regexsub=NQPRoutine.new(#`(from NQPRoutine) $!do=0x492f978 !cursor_init (!cursor_init/cuuid 80), $!signature, $!dispatchees, $!dispatch_cache, $!dispatch_order, $!clone_callback, $!onlystar=0), $!restart, $!made, $!match, $!name='<null>'), $!target_flipped='<null>'), $!braid=<already seen>,
$!bstack, $!cstack=<already seen>, $!regexsub=Regex.new(#`(from Code) $!do=0x79fdf80 (/cuuid 185), $!signature=Signature.new(#`(from Signature) @!params, $!returns, $!arity=0, $!count=Int.new(#`(from Int) $!value[8]=bigint), $!code=<already seen>, $!readonly=0), @!compstuff, #`(from Block) $!phasers, $!why, #`(from Routine) @!dispatchees, $!dispatcher, $!flags=0, $!inline_info, $!package=<already seen>,
@!dispatch_order, #`(from Regex) $!caps=RegexCaptures.new(#`(from RegexCaptures) @!pos-capture-counts, @!named-capture-names, @!named-capture-counts), $!nfa, %!alt_nfas, $!source='<null>', $!topic, $!slash), $!restart=<already seen>, $!made, $!match=(NQPdidMATCH), $!name='0')
This is the P6opaque that's holding that hash
Nicholas as in, what called MVM_str_hash_build()? Is it in src/6model/reprs/MVMHash.c ?
basically, IIRC (this is 12 months, and a lot has happened), the default "build" from MVMHash.c was an MVMObject which has a NULL pointer (so no hash control allocated) 20:09
whereas your *control 20:10
is an allocated control structure with nothing else
nine Since the hash is an attribute of a P6opaque, reprs/MVMHash.c seems like the safe bet
Nicholas (which is how we used to do it, then lizmat observed that there were a lot of empty hashes created, so the "NULL pointer is even smaller" optimisation happened
nine The suggested change fixes the issue 20:24
Nicholas good.
I don't think that it's wrong. It might not be the only way to fix the problem
but I'm wondering 20:25
1) how to write a regression test that hits the problem
2) why we didn't hit it before?
3) are there other ways to hit similar assertions?
and I'm too tired to confidently answer any of that tonight
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MasterDuke is there a way to know if an op is 'iffy'? e.g., `&infix:<eq>` is, but `&infix:<+>` isn't 23:55