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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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MasterDuke i'm afraid it'll be no more debugging for me tonight, off to bed 00:09
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Nicholas good #moarvm, * 08:12
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jnthnwrthngtn o/ 10:24
Nicholas \o 10:25
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dogbert17 at least the repl.t bug seems to be consistent, i.e. always crashing in the same place 14:23
and relatively easy to repl(icate) :) 14:24
MasterDuke it's crashing in an is-run test, right? 14:33
i guess something in the parent process is corrupting the memory state of the child 14:37
i think there's a way to get rr to record parent+child 14:38
dogbert17 it seems to be called is-run-repl
using asan seems to scare the bug into hiding 14:39
ah, where is timo, he should show up given that you mentioned rr 14:41
MasterDuke does it repro under valgrind?
jnthnwrthngtn I thought by definition one process can't corrupt the memory of another, at least on any modern OS 14:42
nine As long as you're running on hardware with an MMU (which unless you *know* otherwise, you are) 14:44
MasterDuke hm, right. maybe not corrupting *after* the process has been started, but starting it with a corrupted state? 14:46
iirc the actual code being run in the tests isn't terribly complicated, so any problem is likely in what's being used to execute them 14:47
nine The influence that the starting process has is usually by affecting the environment variables which can affect memory layout which can decide e.g. whether some uninitialized memory contains data that the process stumbles over or not 14:48
dogbert17 nine: if you missed it yesterday, here's the backtrace 14:49
(gdb) bt
#0 0x00007f9659cb1d6e in MVM_interp_run (tc=0x5632246e8e30, initial_invoke=0x0, invoke_data=0x0, outer_runloop=0xffff) at src/core/interp.c:259
#1 0x000056322343f7fb in main (argc=7, argv=0x7ffe81e46cb8) at src/main.c:307 14:50
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brrt \o 21:29
tellable6 2021-11-08T09:35:43Z #moarvm <Nicholas> brrt good *, brrt
dogbert17 hello brrt
brrt aw, that's a while ago
ohai dogbert17
dogbert17 nice seeing you around :) 21:30
are you forced to stay inside due to the pandemic? 21:32
brrt ehm, dutch government doesn't force you to stay inside, just to close shops, schools etc. 21:33
thank god though
dogbert17 forced might indeed have been a bit too strong
brrt I can take a walk outside, and have been able to do so for all of 2020-2021
well I have colleagues which were so forced! 21:34
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dogbert17 I suspect other countries will follow suit soon and close shops etc 21:36
brrt I don't know 21:41
I'm done reading tea leaves
dogbert17 does that mean it's time to do some jit hacking? 21:45
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