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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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Nicholas good *, * 06:13
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[Coke] Nicholas: to followup, brewed coffee microwaved the next day is still better than a fresh pod 11:57
Nicholas interesting. and useful to know 11:58
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timo this is about coffee maker machines that take little aluminium pods for single portions of coffee? 13:45
[Coke] worse, little plastic disposable pods! 13:47
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timo righgt 14:33
www.ecocaffe.com.au/inventor-of-co...er-did-it/ reminds me of this 14:34
> Chief sustainability officer of Keurig Green Mountain (which owns K-Cup) Monique Oxender, acknowledges the brand has a long way to go. 14:36
> “I gotta be honest with you,” Oxender said, “we’re not happy with where we are either. We have to get a solution, and we have to get it in place quickly.”
this from an article from 2015
did they make their pods better yet?
[Coke] Even if there's a better way to make the pods, I doubt it's universally applied. 14:39
timo the article at least mentions a company selling "sustainable" kcups 14:40
.o( "they don't want christ to come, and interfere with their way of living! they love their lust, they love their sin *so much* ... )
.o( " *guitar riffs swell, drumming intensifies* )
holy crap, the limited physical release of this album has 1000 units and a single one is still remaining, and it's just 5 dollaronies plus i assume shipping 14:43
there's just something about music that combines the ear-destroying ramblings of some fundamentalist hate-preacher with the sweet, soothing tones of heavy metal screaming 14:56
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