Welcome to the main channel on the development of MoarVM, a virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo (moarvm.org). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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MasterDuke heh, `===SORRY!=== 02:19
This type (QAST::WVal) does not support positional operations`...but it's a `QAST::WVal(List)`
ugh, `===SORRY!=== 02:31
This type (List) does not support positional operations`
huh, `if nqp::istype($rhs_list, QAST::WVal) && nqp::istype($rhs_list.value, $!symbols.find_in_setting("List")) { 03:02
                 $rhs_list := nqp::getattr($rhs_list.value, $!symbols.find_in_setting("List"), '$!reified');
             }`  is somehow/somewhere dying with `===SORRY!===
Unknown QAST node type Int`
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lizmat m: sub a(uint $b) { dd $b }; my int $b = -1; a $b # that'd be wrong, right ? 10:05
camelia -1
nine I'd say so 10:10
lizmat then we still haz a bug there 10:12
m: sub a(uint $a) { say $a }; my int $b = -1; a $b 10:13
camelia 18446744073709551615
lizmat aaah... the problem is in the .raku on the unsigned int 10:14
nine That's the fun of working on things like unsigned support or character encoding issues. You can never be quite sure the problem isn't in your debugging aids 10:24
lizmat still, I wonder where .raku on native ints actually lives: looks like Int.raku ? 10:30
I mean, we can't dispatch on natives without HLLizing them, right ?
nine I'm not sure what you mean 10:32
lizmat my uint $a = 42; $a.raku
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dogbert17 nine: have you stopped fixing tricky bugs in MoarVM? 15:16
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nine Stopped sounds so finite and I sure hope that's incorrect. 15:59
dogbert17 I hope so too :) 16:04
nine Initially I just focused on RakuAST to push that forward. But then I changed jobs and am now a professional developer again, so I can improve performance and fix bugs all day long. And at the same time I hit a snag on my RakuAST work and just can't seem to fix the issue. That doesn't exactly help with motivation. 16:18
dogbert17 well, there are a couple of bugs that are quite easy to repro if you're interested. Btw, what language are you using at your new job, java? 16:22
nine C++ and Ruby 16:29
With Scala and Elixir possible in the future 16:30
dogbert17 nice selection :)
nine I'd appreciate Ruby more if Raku didn't exist :) My impression is that on the scale from Perl to Raku, Ruby is somewhere around the 20 % mark. 16:34
dogbert17 are you supposed to do Rails as well or is it backend stuff 16:39
nine It is a rails application, but my work is pretty far in the back
dogbert17 interesting 17:06
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dogbert17 issues 1698 and 1706 are easy to repro :) 19:30
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