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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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Woodi hi 09:07
few months before Python3.11 got big speedup and from youtu.be/TLhRuZ9cJWc?t=1030 looks they un-generalized operations. but looks to me Perl6/Raku have such things and many more for years... 09:10
so: I have some dizzines about our lovely language ? is it already fast ? or why other languages get credit for things that looks done here years earlier ? 09:12
also if Python made some optimizations it screems: why you do not put that ints into array of ints and then sum them ?? but probably it's not fair becouse they worked on whole language :) 09:14
also: _find_lexical_by_name seems at oposite site of performance :) it is hash lookup ? I belive that for searching in up to 10 element array is always faster to do via linear search, so can names be pre-partitioned somehow ? 09:17
I was looking at deserialization code and it is realy complicated, eg. switch'es in loops. was looking on array deserialization - maybe function deserialize_many of same type can be used ? 09:24
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jnthn Woodi: The vast majority of lexical lookups are resolved to array indexing during bytecode assembly, and thus aren't done by name. 13:41
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lizmat jnthn: so why does "warn" throw an exception? So that it can be caught by a CONTROL block and quieted ? is that the only reason ? 17:25
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gfldex lizmat: CX::Warn can also be redirected. For logging and such. 19:39
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lizmat gfldex: explain ? 22:36
gfldex You can redirect output from &warn by setting your own CONTROL block. However, that doesn't work with threading. So there is good reason to think about &warn and &note. 22:39
lizmat yes, that's why I mentioned the CONTROL block
but I feel that I'm missing something essential about why warn needs to throw an exception 22:40
I'm starting to feel it is something that predated dynamic variables 22:41
and as such a different solution to the problem of wanting to catch warnings 22:42
gfldex My guess is they exist to show off with resumeable exceptions. :->
lizmat heh... well, I guess. but exceptions are still relatively expensive 22:43
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jnthn I'm not sure warnings are a thing that needs to be especially cheap anyway. But one could ask why next/redo/last/return are control exceptions, and the answer is that it provides a standard mechanism for library writers to intercept and handle them. 23:41
Imagine that Perl 6 was released before reactive programming became a thing, and the stuff we have as supplies was done in a library. Being able to handle next/redo/last naturally in Supply.map would be a good thing. 23:42
Sure one could do warnings differntly, but why a discontinuity from errors and other control flow? 23:44