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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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nine I think the reasoning there was like "on the Moon or Mars we won't have such systems either, so we'll have to do without". But then, on Moon or Mars it will only be Starship with it's 6 raptor engines instead of Super Heavy with 33. 07:51
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timo yeah like, is that so obviously wrong that anybody could have immediately told E-Man, but nobody wanted to lose their job on the spot? 09:22
just spitballin' here
lizmat E-man is hardly involved with SpaceX anymore at a technical level, is my impression 09:24
timo oh he's just there to gobble up the government subsidies then? :'D 09:28
nine Well the thing is pretty much built by now, i.e. the heavy development phase is completed. Now it's just fixing issues and minor optimizations. That's just not where he's useful. 09:30
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timo excuse me for looking at that man and being a bit incredulous when you say he's just going to get out of the way when he's not useful %) 10:53
nine Let me put it this way: he seems to be a straight out asshole and I'm appalled at his recently expressed political views. That doesn't change the fact that he's clearly very smart and successful. And it seems pretty clear to me that his interest lies in the phase where you need to get stuff off the ground. That's also what he seems to be good at. 11:08
timo i think his ability to "get stuff off the ground" is mostly "already has money" and "can raise money from other rich people and get government grants and subsidies purely because he's rich and that means he must be good at money right?" 11:13
helps to have an army of fanboys who will react to a single mention of "dog" with making the value of your dog-related investments sharply go up 11:17
Voldenet getting an army of fanboys takes skill too 11:19
timo being born into riches makes that easier i reckon 11:21
nine That characterization doesn't square with what I've read from people at Tesla, at Space X and the interesting interviews with Musk on the Everyday Astronaut Youtube channel 11:22
timo interesting
nine If you dislike the man, feel free to do so. I certainly do. I just don't see the point in denying anything that is objectively good about him while one is at it. There's plenty bad for a well founded opinion anyway. 11:24
Voldenet being rich helps doing things, but why wasn't spacex created by some other rich person then
timo there's other private space enterprises by rich people, like jeff bezos for example has one 11:25
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timo wtf armadillo aerospace has been discontinued in 2013? 11:26
no wonder i haven't heard much of them for a while
nine Well, there's going up and there's going to orbit. Literally an order of magnitude difference. Actually Blue Origin is a good example for how money alone obviously not being enough. 11:31
lizmat what struck me was the difference of people at the JUICE launch, and at the Starship launch 11:33
the Starship launch had *many* young people, and a lot of women as well 11:34
the JUICE launch was most definitely older white men only, almost the definition of civil servants
nine That's an interesting observation. Btw. I've actually looked into ESA as an employer last year. If only it were easier to get a remote position or if they had any location that was not a day's travel away 11:35
Voldenet yes, there's other companies, but most of them aren't as well-known – could be thanks to random luck or good PR 11:42
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timo maybe here "no pr is bad pr" applies 15:30
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2023/04/24/2023-...aseperiod/ 17:43
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