Welcome to the main channel on the development of MoarVM, a virtual machine for NQP and Rakudo (moarvm.org). This channel is being logged for historical purposes.
Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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MasterDuke looks like maybe the lastest libuv bump broke the mingw build dev.azure.com/MoarVM/MoarVM/_build...&l=870 00:30
or had this happened a little while ago?
japhb MasterDuke: It would be useful to me to be able to turn off libuv io_uring support at build time on certain systems, but I lost track of how to make that work mid-yak-shave. If you happen to be in there figuring out libuv build gymnastics, can you take a look at that problem too? 01:04
MasterDuke well, i'm going to ignore mingw right now. i think libuv has stopped supporting it, so our options are limited/not good 01:05
i'm busy cursing the amount of `#?if moarvm` i need to add to my rakudo pr, so not planning to play around with libuv building, but i'll keep it in mind 01:07
ugexe MasterDuke: do you think there is a way for the jvm to support it in the future? 01:16
obviously the jvm can do stat calls, but i assume the problem is it doesn't implement the same dispatch thing 01:18
MasterDuke yeah. istr, i found an nqp commit where nine put in some dispatch stub for the jvm, but it doesn't do anything 01:19
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MasterDuke so theoretically rakudo might build on the jvm with the pr as is, but it wouldn't run 01:21
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