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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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lizmat more specifically, adding a: QAST::Var(lexical $/ :decl(contvar)) to the first QAST::Stmts of the block 15:53
is there a way to get at the QAST of a given block ? 15:58
vrurg lizmat: If it's about RakuAST then I don't think one needs to magle with block's QAST. There must be a generic way to inject things into block. 16:39
lizmat vrurg: no, this is not about RakuAST 16:43
this is about allowing a hypered map / grep to make sure any regexes inside the block will not interfere with each other
this is a runtime decision
vrurg Apparently, there is no QAST at runtime. 16:48
What issue is related to this? I'm trying to figure out something for myself, but would like to see some examples of when it's a problem. 16:52
Found it. 16:57
lizmat ok, so a way to insert bytecode then :-) 17:04
vrurg Something close to what I'd consider useful in the context of instantiating generics. ;) But: oops... 18:08
But I don't think we need it for the $/ case. 18:09
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