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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
Geth MoarVM: patrickbkr++ created pull request #1788:
Implement return prioritization (2nd try)
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patrickb I have changed the lastexpayload op in the lego and expr jit. How do I test them now? Can I make moar insta-jit everything? How can I inspect which tiles the expr jit compiled my expression to? 12:58
lizmat patrickb: good questions, that I wished I had answers for perhaps Nicholas nine jnthn ? 13:00
afk& 13:01
patrickb lizmat: o/ Nice reading you! How is life?
lizmat patrickb: could be better, can't complain though :-) 16:59
patrickb I'm in Berlin at the moment. I'm away from home for two weeks (work). 17:01
lizmat aahh...Berlin, the city where my parents got married :-) 17:02
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lizmat so what is the current way to get a heap snapshot? --profile-kind=heap does not seem to generate anything? 17:56
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MasterDuke lizmat: huh. that's new 19:38
wonder when that happened
lizmat well, this is on a M1, maybe that has something to do with it ? 19:39
MasterDuke nope, same here
lizmat ok, so I'm not alone :-) 19:40
MasterDuke hm. i can't generate one with commitable for 2020.01. but admittedly this is a fiddly way of testing... 19:53
because i'm pretty sure it wasn't broken back then 19:54
lizmat: looks like `--profile-kind=heap --profile=foo.heap` works. i.e., you need both `--profile-kind=heap` and setting a name that ends in '.heap' 20:03
either by itself won't create a heap snapshot 20:06
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lizmat MasterDuke++ 21:06
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