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lizmat hi! 22:28
japhb Hi there! :-)
Hmmm, maybe I should release 0.0.5 and announce now that I'm on the runup to 0.1.0. 22:29
lizmat yeah, feels like a plan to me 22:34
japhb OK, 0.0.5 is released. I seriously need to automate that process, sheesh. Especially now that I have the release guide relatively accurate (for the core steps at least). 23:01
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japhb Welcome to MUGS ⚄♠♞🏹 (Multi-User Gaming Services)! | github.com/Raku-MUGS | v0.0.5 has been released and uploaded 23:02
@japhb ... though it looks like the zef ecosystem is still indexing it. At least according to raku.land. 23:03
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