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Set by japhb on 15 March 2021.
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[Coke] So, if I wanted to implement a game, where would I start? 15:16
Also: any thoughts on "certified" randomness? (Seen for a few online games I play) 15:17
japhb [Coke]: I'm not even sure how one would go about certifying someone else's server's randomness. 16:06
I mean, for stuff like poker and casino games, I can see the reason customers would want to know that things were (within the limits of the games in question) relatively "fair", but hmmm ... 16:07
Maybe just having auditors review the code and confirm that it's doing the right things, and run statistical tests on the results of e.g. shuffles?
As for implementing a game ... you'll want to decide if you want to create a new game within an existing genre, or an entirely new genre (which is to say, one not yet implemented in MUGS-Games). 16:09
mugs-tool will let you create stubs for new genres, new games, and new UIs, but it hasn't been updated since I split the one private repo into multiple public repos, so it wants to put everything in the current tree. I'll have to fix that. 16:10
The next thing is to separate out the three main layers: the Server implementation, which handles the game semantics and is the point of truth for the state of the game; the Client, which basically knows how to package up player actions into requests for the server, unpack the responses, handle in-game push data from the Server, and do basic validity checks; and the UIs, which really should just handle user 16:13
input, display the game output, and e.g. handle help requests.
If you've already done that separation, great! It's a matter of mapping your existing API onto the MUGS APIs. 16:14
I can help with that. :-)
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[Coke] cannot run 'zef install MUGS', errors out 22:39
oops. nevermind. 22:40
(that was from a leftover 'zef test .' in a checkout, running a standalone install now) 22:41
instead, it dies on a dep: github.com/jonathanstowe/Crypt-Sod...h/issues/1 23:09
Trying to update raku...
japhb libsodium(-dev) possibly not installed? 23:18
Sorry for the slow response. 23:19
japhb is alternating hacking on MUGS-Core tests and helping $offspring with forms
Every time I write 'plan 9;' in a test file, I can't stop my brain from immediately going "... from outer space!" 23:22