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Set by japhb on 22 March 2021.
jjatria japhb: I'm definitely open to PRs, at the very least it's easier to talk about stuff like this with something on the table :) 08:06
I did think a little about external input supplies, etc, particularly when looking at those raku AI videos. But I figured I could cross that bridge when I got to it. Maybe the bridge is upon us? 08:07
One more thing: would it make sense to have a more general raku-gamedev channel? I wouldn't want to feel like I'm squatting on MUGS :P 08:09
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japhb "raku AI videos"? 15:49
I'm happy to have a #raku-gamedev channel, it just needs to be approved by one of the #raku owners (Freenode has namespacing, so #raku owns all of #raku-* too). I'd keep this channel as well of course, so I'd just be in both. :-) 15:50
jjatria Raku Ai Playground: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAknJlrlV7k 15:51
Not much there yet, but at least an expression of intent
Huh, interesting to hear about that namespacing thing. I didn't know it was a thing, and now I wonder what that means for #raku-land :P 15:53
japhb Squatting a channel is always possible, but the approval part allows you to get ChanServ help in holding it up as a permanent channel. 15:54
And also without the approval, a namespace owner can have a squatting channel removed. 15:55
(This is all just my understanding, I'm not a Freenode IRC Op -- I just got a speech when I registered #mugs.)
jjatria, lizmat: It sounds like from the conversation following colabti.org/irclogger/irclogger_lo...-03-29#l70 that general feeling was to just create the channel, and then figure out the ChanServ stuff afterwards, so I've done that now ... #raku-gamedev is now a thing. :-) 20:01
This channel will of course remain for folks who want to talk about the MUGS part of that bigger picture. :-) 20:02
jjatria Woo! Excellent news. japhb++ 23:01