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Set by japhb on 5 June 2023.
Xliff Thanks! :) 03:54
Next question: Can menus scroll?
I have a menu with a lot of options, and when I run it without a subset I get the following error:
"Negative remaining height to distribute" 03:55
I'd like to select from a menu of approximately 100 items, but do it from a normal sized terminal. How difficult would it be to make menu scroll? Is there anything existing in the current Terminal::Widgets that I could use as a guideline to add such a feature? 04:25
japhb Scrolling is only currently implemented for the log viewer, but yeah, that's on the list for other widgets (and forms in general) too. 06:53
It's late here; let me think about this tomorrow when my head's a little clearer. :-) 06:54
Xliff Cool deal. If you can do the design, I wouldn't mind working on the implementation. 09:32
japhb: Good morning! How does your head feel? 16:23
japhb: How is Terminal::Print::Widget's $!h attribute set when using a Terminal::Widgets::Input object like Terminal::Widgets::Input::Menu? 17:50
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Xliff \o 23:56
Any thoughts on scrolling menus?