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neither hi, hi! I have a numeric variable how can I check if it's an integer? For example the result of a square root operation. I'm doing `Int($v) == $v`, is this prefferable in the language? I looked at the documentation and find `is-int` method but it says it's for Range objects 19:15
To make it not an XY problem I'm checking if a number is a square like 196 19:17
gfldex m:say (1, 1/1, 1.1, 2)».Rat».&{ .denominator == 1 }; 19:27
m: say (1, 1/1, 1.1, 2)».Rat».&{ .denominator == 1 };
gfldex neither: it depends if you want to check for some typed that type checks against Int or if you are looking for a test that does Numeric 19:29
if you start with a string, you can use a Regex ofc.
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gfldex m: say 'eval bot test'; 19:32
neither gfldex I don't understand your first message but thanks for denominator and regex ideas. 19:33
gfldex If you got a float that is really close to an integer, things might get hairy. 19:37
neither oh yeah 19:38
m: say 4.0000000000000001e0 == 4
gfldex The eval bot is running on the Discord side in this channel. 19:39
neither (i thought this is evaluated in here sorry.)
gfldex I should be able to fix this tho.
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gfldex m: say 'eval test from irc'; 19:46
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