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Sky in rosettacode.org/wiki/Identity_matrix#Raku `[1, |(0 xx $n-1)], *.rotate(-1) ... *[*-1]` is used to generate an identity matrix, how does `*[*-1]` work here? I thought the `*` at end meant infinity in ranges and sequences, and last element of infinity doesn't make much sense... 13:53
lizmat * is more about "Whatever" generally, than Infinity 14:02
if something is bound in some other way, then * just indicates to what it is bound, and [*-1] then indicates the last element 14:03
Sky in that case `*[*-1]` is basically a function returning the last element? 14:04
lizmat yes
say *[*-1]( (1,2,3) ) # 3 14:05
Sky okay, docs.raku.org/language/operators#infix_... says "If the endpoint is not *, it's smartmatched against each generated element and the sequence is terminated when the smartmatch succeeded. The final element is excluded of the sequence if a sequence operator variant with a final caret is used, it is included otherwise.". so, the last element is being treated as a boolean here, and the list stops 14:08
makes a lot more sense, thanks!
lizmat yw! 14:10
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