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Rogue It's not that the for loop is async, it's just that the loop is setting up some async stuff 14:21
`.tap` returns immediately but sets up some code to run whenever something comes down the Supply
colemanx Is there a sigil and twigil suitable for printing? I'd like to print it out and stick it on my wall :) 16:32
a sigil and twigil cheatsheet, i mean
lizmat raw.githubusercontent.com/perl6/mu...tsheet.txt perhaps ? 16:34
colemanx This looks perfect, thanks
Comes out to exactly one page it seems! :) 16:35
lizmat yeah, it has been tweaked for that
mind you, it has some parts that are NYI, such as some of the SCOPE DECLARATORS 16:36
colemanx NYI? 16:37
lizmat Not Yet Implemented
and it misses things like the set operators, react / whenever. supply
but it's a good start :-)
colemanx Well, it's a start
thanks a bundle 16:38
lizmat yw
colemanx An edit: IRC link in the cheetsheet needs to be updated to Libera 17:29
lizmat colemanx: good catch 17:30
fixed with github.com/Raku/mu/commit/f95bcf3377 17:35
zacts I <3 cheatsheets 21:56
I have one for awk as well
I think they're increadibly useful