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andrew.solomon hello! This is day 1 of Raku for me. I'm running the interactive shell (Built on MoarVM version 2021.09) and I'm wondering if there's anything like "help" I can call. 17:47
lizmat andrew.solomon: what would expect "help" to say ? 17:48
andrew.solomon well, I'd start with something like 17:50
In the hope that I would understand what the `perl` method is for. ie.
For context - this is where I found it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variadic_function#In_Raku 17:52
gfldex m: sub help { say 'docs.raku.org/language.html' }; help; 17:53
I guess we could wire `rakudoc` into `help` in the REPL. 17:55
andrew.solomon ok, so the question I should have asked... what's the `perl` method for? 19:02
ok, so the question I should have asked... what does the `perl` method do?
lakmatiol I am pretty sure it's an older variant of the `.raku` method, which returns an expression which would evaluate to a given object when possible 19:10
[Coke] m: say (3+2).raku 19:47
... there's no bot here, oops.
lakmatiol m: say (3+2).raku 20:03