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CIAvash .tell colemanx your main issue is `\s*`, which should be `\s+`, but also `\w+` won't match punctuation. Also you can match the whole file with grammar, no need to match line by line: `grammar Row { token TOP { <line>+ }; token line { <sep> [ <cell> ** 5 %% <sep> ] \n? }; token sep { '|' }; token cell { <-[|]>+ }; }`. you can make cell `<-[|\n]>`, and remove ` ** 5` if cells are not supposed to have newlines. 05:52
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colemanx I have ended up using .split to just solve the problem without grammars. But I will try again on my next parsing problem 17:29
I am reshaping a lot of my company's documentation this sprint, and little scripts are saving my life :) 17:30
I like Raku regexes, I am just not used to writing them, yet
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