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[Coke] are the dupes coming from the discord bot itself or the users? 21:16
lizmat gfldex might know 21:17
avuserow Maybe how edits are sent to irc? 21:18
gfldex Those dupes can be caused by edits of already posted lines.
I don't really have a sound solution.
[Coke] ah, I didn't noticed the last one was different. 21:20
lizmat gfldex: don't the lines have some kind of ID that you could use to .squish on ? 21:21
gfldex That would require to delay forwarding a message. How long shoult it wait? Edits can happen hours later. 21:22
lizmat no I mean, don't send edits ? 21:23
but yeah, I see your point
lizmat goes afk&
gfldex That could cause confusion because the IRC side can refer to a message that doesn't quite exist on the discord side. 21:24
[Coke] maybe tag the message with [EDIT]? 21:27
but edits seems a perfectably good reason to send near-dupes. no worries
gfldex No reason not to give it a try. 21:28