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colemanx I'm building my first module :) It's going to be an executable, with a private lib. Do I use the App:: prefix? 19:19
in my META6.json
Here is my repo github.com/dontlaugh/kubedee 19:22
I am converting an all-bash tool to Raku. I emailed the original author, and he has discontinued development. But I use this tool
So I figured converting the bash script and .lib side-by-side to Raku will be a good exercise. 19:23
And if you use K8s and LXD this tool is cool
lizmat yeah, the App:: prefix is generally used for such a thing, see e.g. App::mi6 which installs an "mi6" CLI 19:30
App::Mi6 actually :-)
colemanx I installed mi6 and it looks like what i've put up so far builds successfully 19:33
it created a lib/.precomp directory. should I gitignore this? 19:34
lizmat yeah, that's probably wise 19:38
App::Mi6 does it by default, (for a mi6 new Foo::Bar) 19:39
colemanx gotcha. I think I'm good to go. Here's the interface I'm converting. github.com/dontlaugh/kubedee/blob/...bedee.raku 19:42
I might start with wrapping the bash directly, so I can make incremental progress
Thanks again, as always! 19:44
I will solicit review when I have something substantial 19:45
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Nemokosch hello, how do I match all characters but '-' in regex? 23:11
apparently /<-[-]>/ does the trick... not gonna lie, it's a bit Brainfuck-ish 23:16
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