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Hydrazer is there a way you give type signatures to multi dimensional arrays for example ```pl 13:52
Array[Array[Int]] @bruh = [[1,2,3],[2,3,4],[5,3,2]];
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Morfent there's `of`, but 14:19
my @bruh is Array of Array of Int = [[1,2,3],[2,3,4],[5,3,2]]
typed arrays get very annoying very fast
m:``` 14:27
say my @bruh is Array of Array[Int]() = [[1,2,3],[2,3,4],[5,3,2]]
this can only get rid of one layer of grossness, unfortunately 14:28
this can only get rid of one layer of grossness in this case, unfortunately
`of` can only get rid of one layer of grossness in this case, unfortunately 14:30
Xueji So there's no way how to type many times nested arrays? 14:32
Morfent each layer needs to be typed before the next in some way
m:``` 14:34
my @bruh is Array of Array() of Int = [[1,2,3],[2,3,4],[5,3,2]]
this bot takes a while...
^ i wonder if that's a little easier now
^ i wonder if that's a little easier to implement now
it feels too restrictive to me 14:36
there's an issue to do with this somewhere though 14:38
github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4517 14:41
doing `of` for coercions may be limited by
github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4517 14:42
doing `of` for coercions may be limited by <github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/299>
^ i wonder if that's valid and a little easier to implement now 14:52
Hydrazer that is interesting
what does 3 dimensions look like? 14:55
Zephyr is there a simpler way to do `((0 xx 9) xx 9)`? preferably for any number of dimensions 14:56
Nemokosch what is the associativity of xx? 14:58
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Zephyr oh, I can do `0 xx 9 xx 9`
Morfent looks like it
say (0 xx 9 xx 9) eqv ([xx] 0, 9, 9)
m:``` 15:03
say (0 xx 9 xx 9);
say [xx] 0, 9, 9;
Nemokosch why did it say False then? 15:05
Zephyr looks the same to me, theoretically `[xx] 0, |(9 xx $n)` should work for $n dimensions
Nemokosch they pretty darn seem equivalent xd
Zephyr not sure
Morfent they might need to have equivalent iterators or something, lemme check
Hydrazer second one is Seq[Seq]
second one is Seq of Seq of Int
Zephyr m:``` 15:07
(0 xx 9 xx 9).map({ $_.WHAT })```
does the bot need a space
nvm, forgot say
but yes the first one seems to be a Seq of List of Int instead
m: say (0 xx 9 xx 9).map({ $_.WHAT }) 15:09
well, that takes a while
anyway, thanks! `[xx] 0, |(9 xx $n)` takes care of my issue
Morfent np 🙂
Nemokosch cool 👌 15:27
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gfldex m:``` 20:58
is-deeply {0 xx 9 xx 9}, {[xx] 0, 9, 9}, 'is it?';
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m:``` 21:00
is-deeply {0 xx 9 xx 9}, {[xx] 0, 9, 9}, 'is it?'; # DO AS YOU ARE ASKED!
m:``` 21:02
is-deeply {0 xx 9 xx 9}, {[xx] 0, 9, 9}, 'is it?'; # DO AS YOU ARE ASKED! PLEASE?
is-deeply (0 xx 9 xx 9), ([xx] 0, 9, 9), 'is it?';
`use Test;` and `is-deeply` can help to find differences in listy things. 21:04
colemanx I am having trouble structuring my code to make a script in ./bin import classes in ./lib 21:12
Here is my repo github.com/dontlaugh/App-Kubedee
this recent commit is a concise demonstration of what I've tried to do github.com/dontlaugh/App-Kubedee/c...f8b3690ede 21:13
And here is a pastebin of my error when running my ./bin/kubedee.rake script 21:15
oh no I set this and it kind of got past that error export RAKULIB=$PWD/lib 21:18
must I always set RAKULIB for all my projects? 21:19
gfldex colemanx: After you did `zef install .` you don't. When working with local repos I use `raku -Ilib …`, often within a little Makefile. 21:23
colemanx ah that is a good tipe 21:30
oh no! `zef install .` does not seem to work 21:31
but -I lib does
here is my terminal output pb.envs.net/?9918760cfcc4d0a3#zBri...ms9L7wHD1g 21:32
it installed my script to /home/coleman/rakudo/share/perl6/site/bin, and it looks in some rakudo directories, but perhaps my module is not set up right 21:33
I will try adding my example class to META6.json 21:34
okay cool. Updating META6.json to include the classes that my script in ./bin needed to import fixed my error. 21:40
It is a little surprising that by executable in ./bin is moved and installed automatically, but I needed to specifically enumerate my classes in META6.json
But I am pretty new to structuring larger projects in Raku. And perhaps there is a good reason for this. 21:42
In any case, the goal of this project is a Raku rewrite of a bash tool. I have many static assets enumarated in my resources section of META6.json, but it's unclear if I will actually use them long-term 21:43
I have read online there is some debate about how "resources" should be used, and I would like to put as much into Raku as possible. But right now I really need to delegate some imaging building tasks to Hashicorp's Packer, becuase I'm pretty productive with that. 21:44
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