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RoM I have a question regarding doctest in Raku. 12:20
I was wondering if there is something similar to Python's "doctest" also available in Raku? The idea is to have some (happy-pass)-test/examples directly attached to the sub, serving the purpose of documentation and automated testing simultaniously.
I know I can use
#| ( some documentation attached to e.g. a sub starting on next line that is shown when &fun_name.WHY is called)
to attach documentation in front of a sub. Is there a way to run the examples in this #|() special comment? Like in the example shown in the screen-shot?
Thank you for your thoughts on that.
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SmokeMachine RoM#5135: I was playing something like that: github.com/FCO/Pod-Test-Code 18:19
It will test your pod’s code blocks 18:22
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guifa SmokeMachine nice 20:38
Something that approaches it a bit differently would be Test::Inline github.com/alabamenhu/TestInline 20:41
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stevied can someone help me understand why I might want to use p5built-ins? 23:32
particularly, functions like `chomp` or `chop` which are already in the raku language 23:34
particular, functions like `chomp` or `chop` which are already in the raku language