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kaptainplanet <:camelia:538410231299047440> 09:09
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m_athias @MasterDuke: the coding style seems to be per language. others behave 'as expected'. 09:58
I'll put in a feedback requests. 09:59
Nemokosch what does this mean? 10:17
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lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/01/24/2022-...ned-merge/ 12:20
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zmoment hi, I've never programmed in Perl but I'm considering Raku for a new project. I've got some questions and I'd appreciate some guidance. 14:04
Regarding consuming REST APIs with Json responses what modules (or language constructs) would you recommend? 14:05
As for building a GUI, I've some experience with Tk, is it supported in Raku as in Perl5? 14:07
Are there tools to build an Android app with Raku? 14:09
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lizmat RST API's: cro.services 14:41
perhaps: raku.land/github:finanalyst/Inform or raku.land/cpan:MARTIMM/Gnome::Gtk3 ? 14:43
re Android: not to my knowledge 14:44
zmoment ^^
zmoment Thank you lizmat 14:54
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guifa Has anyone gotten a good compile of Rakudo on ART? That'd be the first step, but I don't know of any work there 15:36
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stevied anyone on a mac here? Trying to confirm if LWP::Simple is broken: github.com/raku-community-modules/LWP-Simple 17:45
I can't get any output from `my $out = LWP::Simple.get('raku.org');` 17:46
I have the SSL module installed
I don't get any errors or any indication anything is wrong. I just get no return value from the get() call 17:47
gfldex I will check on linux. 17:52
stevied ok, thanks
gfldex it doesn't do anything 17:59
stevied huh
gfldex you are better off with `get` from `www`
stevied what do you mean from `www`? www.raku.org?
oh this? raku.land/github:raku-community-modules/WWW 18:01
I wonder how LWP got so broken. You would think a simple test would catch an obvious problem like that. 18:03
what are these "community modules" anyway? I keep seeing them.
I ran into another that seemed to be more or less broken as well
lizmat raku community modules are basically those modules in the ecosystem that have been abandoned by the original author 18:04
and which are waiting for a new maintainer for some TLC
stevied ok, that's what I might have guessed 18:05
i guess the world has moved on from LWP::Simple anyway 18:09
kind of an old workhorse from early perl days
lizmat fwiw, I've become on the one hand pretty enamored by Cro 18:10
but also by just doing: (run "curl", $url, :out, :!err).out.slurp(:close) -)
stevied yeah, I don't quite understand the frameworks like Cro and Mojolicious. I have to learn about them. I want to do Cro myelf. 18:11
well, I'm going to poke around with LWP::Simple just as an exercise and see if I can figure out what's broken. 18:13
beats doing random tutorials
lizmat stevied++ 18:14
stevied ok, it works for other URLs like nytimes.com 18:34
I think raku.org is just probably blocking my nameless user agent
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yeah, so the module is just very poorly documented, AFAICT 19:36
i'll add a little to it
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tailgate is there a cryptography module? 21:46
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