stevied any way to pretty print the output of `dd` function? 00:55
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guifa You might look at 02:24
stevied thanks, yeah. I found Data::Dumper. works for me 02:26
alright, my vote for worst design decision in Raku: allowing hyphens in names. 03:28
easy to get them mixed up
I wonder what the reason was? Anyone know?
guifa You'll find most people don't share that opinion :-) Kebab case is seen as being easier to read than camel or snake case 03:33
stevied that may be, but makes it harder to remember whether to use hyphen or underscore 03:34
I just did `done_testing` but it's `done-testing`; 03:35
guifa in Raku it's basically always a hyphen
The only left overs that are underscore are internal Rakudo and/or MOP stuff 03:36
(and it's generally useful there, as it's a way of warning you that here be dragons)
stevied ok
so I should adopt the practice of using hypens in all identifiers, I guess? 03:40
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lizmat stevied: that'd be the easiest: it also sets it apart visually from Perl code :-) 09:21
Nemokosch I don't see that as a bad design decision either <:cameliathink:897316667653247057> I just wish Vim would know about it by default 09:33
lakmatiol I do love kebab case, but it does sometimes break IDE support 09:43
tbrowder kebab case and much less typing overall are some of my fav things about raku v perl 11:31
the "line noise" complaint can't be used anymore imho 11:33
gfldex I'm pretty sure I could write line-noise-raku if I wanted to. :-> 11:38
lizmat gfldex: I'm pretty sure that you do now and then, when you're going crazy :-) 11:42
and I know it's my fault :-)
gfldex You did help a great deal with my Raku adventures indeed. 11:43
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