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Nemokosch Okay, so if I have a multi and one parameter binding fails, shouldn't it attempt to use another binding? 14:02
oh okay, it should - but apparently not when cached 14:03
guifa I think the is cached trait is still a bit experimental 16:05
lizmat yes, itis 16:42
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guifa it's fairly easy to recreate the trait though as long as you can generate a unique identifier from the arguments. for example, I have a module that generates formatters on a combination of language / length / number type. my sub is 18:07
sub get-formatter ($lang, $len, $type) { state %cache; .return with %cache{"$lang $len $type"}; my &formatter = #`[actual generation code]; return %cache{"$lang $len $type"} := &formatter } 18:09
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