thowe how do I take something like "my $block = { put $_ }" and feed it an array to iterate over? 00:06
feed @array to $myblock? 00:07
MasterDuke m: my &block = { put $_ }; my @array = <a b c>;  # you mean something like this? 00:10
camelia a
thowe so, use "map"? 00:11
yeah, map works. That had actually occurred to me and somehow I was convinced Isaw a way to do it by using -> and I guess I didn't. 00:12
I love how Raku tells me I am wrong because I am trying to do Perl 5 things... 00:14
Raku doesn't really seem to care if I use $myblock or &myblock, which makes me wonder which is actually "more" correct. 00:15
MasterDuke when you're kind of telling it what to do it doesn't matter as much. but for example, using the "right" sigil matters more if you're passing it to a multi-sub/method with candidates for a callable or not 00:17
thowe hm, yeah, OK 00:19
guifa m: my $block = { say "peso" }; my &block = { say "amp" }; $block; block
camelia WARNINGS for <tmp>:
Useless use of $block in sink context (line 1)
guifa m: my $block = { say "peso" }; my &block = { say "amp" }; sink $block; sink block 00:20
camelia amp
guifa when you assign to &var, you can call it just like any other sub. If you assign to a $var, to call, you'll need to explicitly use parenteses, e.g. $block(1,2,3), vs being able to just do block 1, 2, 3 if you've ampersanded it 00:22
thowe ah.. lemme play with that. 00:28
looks like need to use colon...
" &speedkb;" works, " &speedkb;" no work. 00:29
which is prob to be expected...
guifa yeah, you need the colon because the colon is used to separate a method from its arguments if you go without parentheses 01:29
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