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Nemokosch I have a MAIN function with a default argument, I tried to pass that argument to a sub as `rw` but apparently it had no container. What am I doing wrong? 22:59
hm, it wasn't even default, it was a normal argument 23:00
a string argument
maybe I should make the arguments in question `is rw` as well, if that can work 23:02
MasterDuke does it need to be `is rw` or can it be `is copy`? 23:05
Nemokosch It has to be `is copy` according to the warning of Rakudo, makes sense 23:13
although rw command-line arguments would be quite some premier 😄 23:15
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Also... I'm pretty sure I've asked about this before 23:38
is there a way to distribute Raku programs in a "you barely need to install anything to run this" way?
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dynamite does anyone know how to make the tab button make tabs in Comma? 23:48
and change the tabstop to 3 spaces?
or am I doing this wrong? (I haven't set up a way to write arbitrary Unicode conveniently yet)
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