Yeuph no information on your tab questions; but I've had issues using unicode in Comma. Some stuff takes while other stuff won't (set theory commands). I checked in Unicode libraries and there seems to be several different combinations often for different symbols. 00:53
my guess is that Comma only accepts 1, but I'm not sure what's going on 00:54
if you figure out a way to get Comma to accept "arbitrary Unicode" I'd appreciate it if you could @ me
dynamite ah nevermind, I figured it out 01:17
Comma settings are all in the same places they are in IntelliJ 01:19
I was wondering why Comma had almost no documentation: it's the same program but modded for Raku
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Yeuph Does someone know of some tutorial on I/O? I know of 2: 03:19 03:20
But I'm having trouble figuring out the most basic bits. I keep targeting paths and directories and its failing 03:21
I'll use "spurt" and I'll get an error message like: 03:22
"Failed to open"
"Actually thrown at:"
or a couple dozen others 03:23
I'm just missing something pretty fundamental about how to target a some file or directory
I'm just missing something pretty fundamental about how to target some file or directory
"No such file or directory 03:25
in block <unit> at"
I get that even when copying the path directly from within the IDE
I think part of it is that I'm confused as to what is auto-defaulting to which directory. 03:36
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I understand I'm not giving anyone concrete code to analyze, part of that is that I've just tried a couple dozen things and it keeps not working; hence why I was curious if there is a better resource for learning about I/O 03:45
dynamite did you forget the :w or :r argument? 03:46
are you using unix path notation? 03:48
relative to the .raku script
is how it goes, I think
Yeuph I did find a message that said in windows you've gotta change the path to \\
and I've been doing that
rather "\\"
double \
like this
dynamite I did / for open today on windows, and it worked
Yeuph lol
it won't take double slashes 03:49
dynamite and not from the drive 03:50
Yeuph but its double
dynamite but from the folder where the script is
Yeuph alright I'll try that
dynamite there's probably a way to specify absolute paths, but I'm not sure
I'm also a noob
there's probably also a way to specify absolute paths, but I'm not sure
Yeuph ultimately I'm trying to figure out how to write and read from text files
dynamite meanwhile, I'm having trouble with typed parameters 03:51
using ``sub Main (Int $arg)`` gives me a warning when I try to coerce ``$arg`` into a string to use in a qq 03:52
``Str($arg)`` 03:54
both give the same warning, and it just fails to do the coercion, and I get a blank where I should get a stringified number 03:55
Yeuph I haven't done anything with coercion outside of the Raku beginner course. I went through that, tried to memorize what I could and decided I should just start making programs and try to learn by solving along the way 03:56
dynamite ``Use of uninitialized value $of type Mu in string context 03:58
Methods .name, .raku, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful``
(ofc those methods don't actually work)
yeah I have no idea how to do this
I understand why I get a compilation error when I use ``~$arg`` 04:00
$arg is apparently ``Mu``, but ~ takes an ``Any``
what I don't understand is why it's Mu
Yeuph yeah I have no idea how to do that either lol 04:04
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dynamite oh, I figured it out 04:08
Yeuph yeah I actually just wrote something to a textfile 04:10
dynamite nice
Yeuph karma abounds
dynamite yeah, assignment to a ``constant`` sigil freezes non-constant rvalue expressions 04:11
they're not allowed to evaluate; they're just ignored if you use them in a " string 04:12
you can't use anything that can't be known at compile time 04:13
I thought ``constant`` literally just meant it doesn't change after assignment
but it stricter, and less useful
in fact, apparently it can be dangerous, because the value will not change after compilations 04:15
``constant comp-time =;`` freezes the value of comp-time to the initial moment this code was complied
very insane behaviour 04:16
but it's stricter, and less useful 04:23
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Nemokosch what does dependency management look like if I have a sole script with modules to be installed? 13:06
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lizmat well, I guess an empty "provides" and a filled "depends" with the dependencies ? 14:03
Nemokosch what are these? 14:16
lizmat in the META6.json file ? 14:22
lizmat may have misunderstood the question 14:23
Nemokosch what is this ACTION you are always talking about 😅 14:26
It's okay, you just assumed I know more than I actually do 14:27
lizmat perhaps App::Mi6 is a good helper for you
mi6 new Module::Name
and you have just about all you need
actually, if you want to use the zef ecosystem, you probably want: 14:28
mi6 new Module::Name --fez
Yeuph Is this error message because I'm trying to use a slurp a textfile (immutable?) to a SetHash (mutable)? 14:33
No such method 'set' for invocant of type 'Str'. Did you mean any of
these: 'Set', 'Seq', 'sec'?
Is this error message because I'm trying to slurp a textfile (immutable?) to a SetHash (mutable)?
No such method 'set' for invocant of type 'Str'. Did you mean any of
these: 'Set', 'Seq', 'sec'?
if so, then I need another way to input the data in my textfile to my SetHash?
lizmat can't tell without seeing some code
Yeuph Is this error message because I'm trying to slurp a textfile (immutable?) to a SetHash (mutable)?
"No such method 'set' for invocant of type 'Str'. Did you mean any of
these: 'Set', 'Seq', 'sec'?"
my $SetText = ().SetHash; 14:34
$SetText = slurp "SetText.txt";
my $InputWord;
my $SetText = ().SetHash; 14:35
$SetText = slurp "SetText.txt";
Nemokosch I think you lose the SetHash value at the moment of the slurp <:cameliathink:897316667653247057>
lizmat my %s is SetHash = slurp "SetText.txt" 14:39
my %s is SetHash; %s.set(slurp "SetText.txt")
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lizmat And yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 15:57
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guifa It sounds like your argument isn't being passed 22:57
err sorry for random message, bad scroll job 22:58