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jaguart @lizmat - thank you! Do you have any info/pointers on the required api/setup on the server side?... I will see if I can find any, but pointers appreciated 05:26
Question on POD6 - is there a style guide? I know the Perlish recommendations - some of the Raku mods follow this and others dont? 07:33
Jaguart Hmmm I see some are ``=head1 NAME`` yet the docs speak of ``=NAME`` - guessing these are the same... 08:16
but the recommended Perlish ones are not fully covered... 08:24
hmmm but while ``=NAME`` renders in Markdown, and Text - it doesn't render in HTML? 09:39
lizmat jaguart: the URL should point at an endpoint producing a META file in the form of what is e.g. produced by 360.zef.pm 09:50
which is basically the JSON representation of an array of hashes, with each hash the META6.json contents of a distribution 09:51
Jaguart 👍🏼 09:58
jaguart Thank you - I haven't dug further - being distracted by pod6... atm I assume that zef basically retrieves an archive/tar does a build/test to install, and fez does the opposite - ie archive/tar and store along with updated META6.json... 10:01
I haven't quite figured out where everything actually ends up on the local file system. Assuming some index as I see lots of tmpdirs etc. 10:02
Not quite clear on where the signing etc. is done to ensure security, though I did spot that fez contains register/ident/auth functionality. 10:04
lizmat jaguart: atm, there's only ident/auth functionality on upload 10:23
if we're talking MITM attacks on download, we're in quite a different realm, I'd say 10:24
and for clarity: the META of each distribution in the META list, should contain a field "source-url" of where to fetch the tar file
Jaguart fab thank you - helps a lot 🙂 10:37
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