sabas3dgh What is perl 6 and what is raku? 02:46
<@102059593697361920> 02:48 ;
What a bout rest microservice?
Also; do we have ORM for raku?
Dependency Injection. and aspect oriented stuff! 02:50
Rogue Raku began as Perl 6 02:52
it was meant to be the sixth version of Perl but ultimately was so different a language that it got renamed
Cro is meant primarily for microservices
it just happens to also have some features for building out full websites
I'm not sure if there are any ORMS yet
I'm not sure if there are any ORMs yet
sabas3dgh What happened to perl 6 then? It is coming as normal Perl after perl 5 life cycle? 02:53
Good to know. really thanks
Rogue nah, Perl is moving on to Perl 7 02:54
to avoid confusion
sabas3dgh So his to you connect to databases?
Rogue you can use DBIish
you can also use to search for stuff
sabas3dgh So how do you connect to databases?
Rogue for example, database-related modules:
looks like there *is* an ORM called Red
sabas3dgh How lightweight us raku? I was reading about it running on JVM. 02:56
Rogue I mean it's a pretty big language
sabas3dgh Is it like java in the sense that write once run everywhere?
Rogue and tbh there's still more work to be done on optimizing
yeah, it's not platform-dependent unless you make it
there is a version of Rakudo that targets the JVM 02:57
so you can totally do that
Also to answer an earlier question, you could definitely achieve something like aspect-oriented programming using the meta-object protocol 02:58
sabas3dgh <@102059593697361920> you mentioned vim earlier; could give me the plugin[s] link[s]. 02:59
Rogue I don't use any plugin so I'm not sure 03:00
maybe someone else here knows
sabas3dgh So far what I can see from the far distance that I am;
Raku is a complete language
<@102059593697361920> no auto complete no intellisense
🧐 03:01
Rogue I find I don't need it mostly heh 03:02
Maybe I am just doing things the hard or inefficient way though 03:03
I have a tendency to do that, to get something working just enough that it doesn't annoy the hell out of me
frost <@944673858529685594> you can try comma, the raku ide
Rogue and then not improve my setup even when there is much room for improvement
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SmokeMachine Rogue, sabas3dgh: yes, Red is an ORM for Raku: 09:04
It also has a channel here: #red 11:22
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ei ``` 18:12
grammar Parser {
token TOP {
$<name>=[.+ <?before ' | '>]
my $match = Parser.parse: "Name | ";
im trying to make this match and it seems to be failing. if i apply the regex within the `TOP` token standalone with the `~~` operator, it works tho. why?
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