CIAvash Is quoting it not an option? `f '@a[2]'` or `f "\@a[2]"` 10:59
immediate no 11:31
maybe f needs to be something else than a function, or not I don't know 11:32
maybe this can be made working in repl only, or not. not sure 11:33
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Nemokosch I feel like this question is like "how to get 1+1 equal three" 11:47
immediate I don't follow and I don2t know why you feel so 11:51
Nemokosch because what you say seems to downright contradict Raku's grammar 11:53
`@a[2]` is not a string 11:54
immediate that's why I asked if possible. I was aware it wasn't a string as is 11:57
and your answer is no, it seems 11:58
for example here,, they introduce a keyword(?) and what follows is neither a string nor a valid code block (I think) 12:00
but it works
but I don't know how. I went to source code but there's no single comment
maybe that's not intended for beginners like me 12:01
readme also doesnt say how it works
Nemokosch I don't know if what you are asking about is possible but that it's not intended is clear as water
immediate I found that module in reddit 12:02
CIAvash That's inheriting from `Metamodel::ClassHOW`, so creating a record keyword that acts like a class. 12:19
You can use slangs, or wait for RakuAST and macros 12:20
and I don't think these are for beginners 12:21
immediate thanks 12:25
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lizmat well, that depends where you're coming from: if you're already used to the concept of meta-programming, then I think it'd be ok :-) 12:25
CIAvash I added the last sentence because of "maybe that's not intended for beginner like me", but yeah it can depend on your knowledge from other programming languages or elsewhere as well 12:30
It may depend on the design of the Raku macros, but I think for what you want to do, macro will be the easiest solution 12:44
codesections Yeah, that "record" code isn't commented/super accessable for beginners – sorry about that. This Stack Overflow answer (and the blog posts linked in the question) provide a bit of context/background: 16:21
guifa_ what immediate wants to do can be done using slangs. they might want to look at the sql inline slang (I think tonyo made it?) because it basically works on finding the pattern / 'sql' <text> ';' / and calls sql($*database, text) 17:47
oh, oops, they're already gone
guifa_ . o O ( although someone who uses StackOverflow might want to comment on jnhtn's response to point out BASIC::Test, since it's a heavily documented module to show how to do pretty much what's asked ) 17:50 <-- referring to that one
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