stevied trying to use a perl5 module in raku: 06:58
use Lingua::En::Titlecase:from<Perl5>;
my $tc ="CAN YOU FIX A TITLE?");
but get an error:
Could not find symbol ''&Titlecase'' in ''GLOBAL::Lingua::EN''
not sure what the problem is. the second line is right from the module documentation 06:59
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ychaouche hello raku gurus 09:07
quick question : in raku, can you have %foo and $foo be two different things in the same program ?
same name referencing two things based on used sigils 09:08
MasterDuke yeah, they're completely separate 09:10
ychaouche MasterDuke: do you confirm you can have both in same program, at the same time ?
Nemokosch Lol 09:11
I confirm! :DD
MasterDuke m: my $foo = "yes"; my %foo = %("no" => 0, "yes" => 1); say %foo{$foo}
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ychaouche it seems I'm missing all the fun at the discord server 09:15
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gfldex bridge is down for a few minutes 09:21
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gfldex bridge is up again 09:31
Nemokosch thank you^^ 09:33
ychaouche oh, screencasts 09:35
; they weren't here last time I checked (1 month ago approx ? )
Nemokosch seems old 09:37
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