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stevied got this regex: `$url ~~ s/(.*)\&t\=(\d+)s/?$0=$1/;` 23:34
it throws an error: `Cannot assign to a readonly variable or a value`
no idea why
gfldex where does `$url` come from? 23:44
stevied it's passed into the function
sub get_youtube_embed($url) {
$url ~~ /v\=(.*)/;
$url ~~ s/(.*)\&t\=(\d+)s/?$0=$1/;
gfldex `is copy` might help
stevied shit. seriously? perl has fucked me up for working with raku 23:46
gfldex Not your fault. We keep using the term "variable" while we only got containers and values. 23:48
stevied yeah, i haven't wrapped my head around that yet. i'll probably have to make the same mistake 1000 times before I do
gfldex m:``` 23:50
my term:<$not-a-container> := 42;
say "$not-a-container";
$no-a-container = 'answer';
m:``` 23:51
constant term:<$not-a-container> = 42;
say "$not-a-container";
$no-a-container = 'answer';
stevied I had to take a few weeks break from raku, probably brain dumped half of what I learned in the first month 23:52
gfldex That helped me understand what is going in. We see symbols that may be bound to containers or values but not both.
stevied remembering it again will help reinforce it