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floppy_disk hi, how do you compare two hashes for equality? 02:49
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CIAvash floppy_disk: using `eqv` or `~~` 06:39
stevied I'm wondering if there is any pressing need to rewrite major perl modules in raku since you can just use Inline::Perl. Is there any advantage to using a pure Raku module over a Perl module? 06:50
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CIAvash Apart from convenience, if the module can make use of Raku features and have an interface that suits Raku better 08:10
stevied ok, thanks. I imagine most developers will not be eager to reinvent the wheel for a lot of the popular perl modules if they are perfectly usable in raku. 08:37
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2022/03/14/2022-011-tau-2/ 15:32
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Nemokosch Hi, is there a straightforward way to generate all subsets of a set? 18:32
lizmat m: dd <a b c>.Set.combinations 18:34
camelia ((), (:c,), (:b,), (:a,), (:c, :b), (:c, :a), (:b, :a), (:c, :b, :a)).Seq
lizmat m: dd <a b c>.Set.keys.combinations
camelia ((), ("c",), ("b",), ("a",), ("c", "b"), ("c", "a"), ("b", "a"), ("c", "b", "a")).Seq
Nemokosch wow, thanks 😋 18:37
lizmat I guess if you want them to be Sets as well: 18:39
m: dd <a b c>.Set.keys.combinations>>.Set
camelia (set(), Set.new("b"), Set.new("c"), Set.new("a"), Set.new("b","c"), Set.new("a","b"), Set.new("a","c"), Set.new("b","a","c"))
Nemokosch Hm, seems like what I actually need is more complex... 20:01
how do I generate all subsets of a _bag_? 20:02
seems like kxxv can come handy 20:05
still... that generates a lot of repetitions 20:08
lizmat .unique should come in handy then 20:09
Nemokosch well yes, still it would be nice to have a multiset version of combinations, efficiency-wise 20:11
is there a way to set a starting value for reduce? 22:04
Nahita `reduce(&fun, $init, |@vals)` 22:42
need to slip due to `+list` in the signature 22:43