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stevied anyone have any idea why comma isn't recognizing the testing subroutines in my test file? 05:02
Errors with `Subroutine X is not declared`
the project sdk settings are set to Raku v2021.12 v2121.12 05:06
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Anton Antonov Yeah, I have seen that. Did not find inconvenient enough to complain... 🙂 15:02
@stevied#8273 BTW, I do not see it in my current Comma project/setup. Have you assigned values to all value cells in "Project Structure" ? 15:04
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stevied well, i'm not really complaining. I just want to know if I'm doing something wrong. I've never used an IDE before (at least not seriously) 16:04
it turns our restarting the IDE fixed it. I had tried that before but I think setting the SDK again is what broke it. 16:05
now I'm having this other weird problem: stackoverflow.com/questions/715481...est-output 16:06
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Anton Antonov Hmm... I have to say that I have hard time giving advice here -- I have similar "random" IntelliJ frustrations. What is your OS? (Mine is macOS.) 16:14
stevied yeah, macos 17:10
I think it has something to do with how intellij interacts with the Test module. If I take out the "plan 1;" from the test file, I get errors but I do see the missing line in the output. 17:12
could have something to do with the TAP protocol, too 17:20
yeah, so looking at testanything.org/tap-specification.html the lines beginning with `#` are diagnostics 17:21
it says harness can ignore them 17:22
ugh, so this works: `stdout-like ({ $md_obj.dump }, /This/, 'can dump file');` 18:54
this is does not: `stdout-like ({ $md_obj.dump }, /This is/, 'can dump file');` 18:55
error: `Potential difficulties:
Space is not significant here; please use quotes or 😒 (:sigspace) modifier (or, to suppress this warning, omit the space, or otherwise change the spacing)
at /Users/stevedondley/git_repos/raku/modules/steve/Markdown-toHTML/t/01-basic.rakutest:10
but this doesn't work either: `stdout-like ({ $md_obj.dump }, m:s/This is/, 'can dump file');`
error: 18:56
`Use of uninitialized value of type Any in string context.
Methods .^name, .raku, .gist, or .say can be used to stringify it to something meaningful.
ok, this worked: `stdout-like ({ $md_obj.dump }, /'This is'/, 'can dump file');` 18:59
but I really don't understand this at all
i've never seen quotes used like that in a regex
actually, maybe I have now that I think about it 19:00
had to use it for some other raku regex I wrote with a `#` sign 19:01
I don't know why m:s// didn't work, though
ok, this works: `stdout-like ({ $md_obj.dump }, rx :s/\# This is a markdown file/, 'can dump file');` 19:04
threw a `rx` in front of it to let stdout-like know it was a regex
i guess it's not smart enough to detect it. dunno. 19:06