stevied well, finally getting more comfortable with comma. feeling like I can do useful work with it, at least 00:03
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sisar Hi! Is there a tutorial on how to organize my code into different files, and then using the subroutines, classes, grammars, etc. in other files? I tried reading but got quite confused. 01:22
stevied are you writing a module? 01:24
or are you just creating a loose library of standalone scripts?
sisar ... and related, any recommended way to organize my files/directories? Like ".rakutest" files go in the "t/" directory, you main script goes in the projects "root" directory, where do my utils file go, etc. ?
if you are asking if i'm writing a "module" for sharing on , then no. (At least not yet.) 01:26
i just want to break up my large file into various small files
stevied if you are writing a package, your main code goes into the a lib/ directory, typically
sisar I'm just so confused with the words "package" and "module". 01:28
I know Java. So are Raku packages same as Java packages?
stevied yeah, so sounds like if you create a ~/raku directory and just throw your raku scripts into there. any code that you want to reeuse can go into the ~/raku/lib directory
Then, to use those packages just do `use My::Package` and `lib 'lib'` in your scripts in ~/raku
basically interchangeable 01:29
packages are usually distributed as a standalone group of files with tests and everything bundled together 01:30
a module is typically one file of related functions
oh, sorry, flip that around 01:32
packages are usually just a file and modules are distirbuted 01:33
it can be confusing because the terms are often used interchangeably
sisar before i do `use My::Package;` in my main script in the `~/raku/` directory, what do I need to declare at the top of all my files in the `~/raku/lib/` directory? 01:34
do i put a `unit package My::Package;` at the top of every file in `~/raku/lib`?
stevied `package My::Package` 01:36
sisar ok, i'll try all of this now 01:38
stevied ok, good luck. oh and it's `use lib 'lib'` by the way. 01:41
sisar Comma says "Semicolon form of 'package' without 'unit' is illegal." 01:44
Looks I need to write  `unit package My::Package;` instead of `package My::Package;` at the top of my files in `lib/`
or i drop the semicolon ? 01:45
stevied ok, yeah. I"m still new at this, too
you need the semi 01:47
so I guess technically you could do: `unit package { code goes here }` 01:49
nope, slight wrong. just `package { code goes here }` 01:50
by throwing `unit` in front of it you need the semi colon 01:51
I'm not sure what the difference is between `unit package` and `unit module` . I didn't even realize they were two different things. Will have to read up on it. 01:55
looks like modules are a type of package. but i'm not sure when you'd use it instead of a package 01:57
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CIAvash stevied: `package` is like keywords such as `class` where you need to give it a block, so `package P { ... }`. But using `unit package P;` makes the whole unit(file) a package, so you don't need to pass it a block. 05:31
"makes the rest of file a package" is correct 05:35
modules, classes other things that create namespaces are a kind of package. packages are mostly only for creating namespaces, while you do other things with other kind of packages. One distinction the docs mention is that packages have to identity(`ver`, `auth`). So we can see packages are the simplest form of creating a namespace. 05:46
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stevied is there a regex character for "all whitespace except newline?" 10:42
lizmat <[\s]-[\n]> ? 10:43
stevied weird. that looks like a range 10:44
lizmat a character class consisting of whitespace minus a character class consisting of newline 10:45
stevied wow, didn't know that was possible. thanks 10:46
lizmat m: dd "4" ~~ / <[\d]-[5]> / 10:47
camelia"4"), :from(0), :pos(1))
lizmat m: say "4" ~~ / <[\d]-[5]> /
camelia 「4」
lizmat m: say "4" ~~ / <[\d]-[4]> /
camelia Nil
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tbrowder wouldn't <[\h> 10:48
sorry... <[\h]> work?
stevied worked. awesome. wish I asked sooner. I've been going nut writing this grammar
Nemokosch so yeah, minus means exclusion (inside the pointy brackets I guess?) 10:49
lizmat tbrowder: that could also work perhaps :-)
stevied not sure \h would work on \r\n thought, would it?
lizmat I was more triggered by the "all ... except ..."
tbrowder but yr meth is so instructive! learned something new again 10:50
Nemokosch or are ranges with the dots only?
tbrowder stevied: good question. someone with steady hands could demo that 10:51
stevied i'll have to toy with it later. I'm going to to to bed on a good note. 10:53
Finally got a basic understanding of at least simple grammars now
ready to take on protos (I think)
thinking about it more, \h would capture \r which is a newline character for macos. so that would probably be a bigger problem 10:55
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tbrowder m: my $line = "foo\r"; say $line ~~ /<[\h]>/ 12:15
camelia Nil
tbrowder m: my $line = "foo\r"; say so $line ~~ /<[\h]>/ 12:16
camelia False
tbrowder looks like \r is not captured by \h 12:17
lizmat 12:19
I don't think CR is considered horizontal whitespace
m: say "\r" ~~ / \v /
lizmat m: dd "\r" ~~ / \v / 12:20
camelia"\r"), :from(0), :pos(1))
lizmat yeah, \r is vertical whitespacve
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 14:56
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stevied ah, interesting. so \h can safely be used instead of <[\s]-[\n]> 17:31
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ionsolo how remove emojis from Str? 18:15
well I think the property of unicode could help but I don't known which one 18:17
lizmat m: say "foo😭bar".subst( / <:Emoji> /, :g) 18:22
camelia foobar
lizmat ionsolo ^^ 18:23
Nemokosch :DD
stevied questions, I am full of them: 19:23
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