stevied didn't fix one of the bugs I was having: todo comments not showing up in todo list with raku files. It works with an html file, though 00:09
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Nemokosch how would you check if a number is a square number? 12:00
is `sqrt($x) %% 1` a good idea?
lizmat m: dd sqrt(4).narrow ~~ Int 12:03
camelia Bool::True
lizmat m: dd sqrt(5).narrow ~~ Int
camelia Bool::False
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stevied I have an attribute in a class that is a Str called $!content 14:54
I want to be able to do something like: $!content.capitalize-headers on it to transform it 14:55
how do I make the capitalize-headers method looks like it's a method of a Str object?
I guess I'd have to make $!content a new kind of object that is a subclass of Str. 14:56
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 16:52
stevied and here's yet another new question: 17:00
and here's yet another newb question: 17:08
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Nemokosch ~~you didn't say "hits the net"~~ 18:42
stevied whoa, I got it: 18:53
sometimes coding by trial and error works 🙂
is this documented anywhere? 18:54
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If I have `$method = 'flip'` how can I do `$object.$method`? 21:10
MasterDuke `$object."$method"()` 21:12
stevied sweet, thanks. been searching for like 20 min. one of those things you read about once and then can't find again 21:16
Nemokosch this seems to be a recurring question... 21:18
stevied it's not a very obvious answer. looks like the quotes cause the 1st pass compiler to hard code it, if I were to guess 21:26
it's not a very obvious answer. looks like the quotes cause the 1st pass compiler to hard code the string, if I were to guess 21:27
but I have no idea how that works
where is that in the official docs? 21:28
and what is it called? I tried many different terms to search on it but wasn't even sure what to call it. "dynamic function"?
MasterDuke it's mentioned a paragraph or two down 21:52
stevied ah, yup. I remember reading that example. thanks.. 22:02
I have a package wth classes in it. I want to call the packages dynamically, like this: 22:53
method process($class) {
$!content = Vimwiki::File::TextProcessingClasses($class).process($!content);
It's throwing an error though: 22:54
`Combination of indirect name lookup and call not supported`
I tried using `<>` and `""` instead of `()` around the class name but none of them worked 22:55
posted to SO: 23:20
gfldex A class is a package after all. So applies. 23:34
And indirect method calls are "documented" in . 23:39
stevied huh, so I had to throw '::' in the front of it. works now 23:43
can't say I really understand it, though