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Nemokosch I don't think it's generally a good idea to use these assertions in grammars 08:44
stevied why is that? 11:27
Nemokosch because it doesn't really fit the concept of context-free grammars and such 11:30
eventually, you have tokens and a set of tokens are covered by one rule 11:32
the tokens belong to exactly one term in a matching. not zero, not multiple
stevied well, my grammar would be a lot more comlicated without it 11:36
i want to distinguish between a line that begins with one # sign and one that has more than one
so the lookahead ensures the next character isn't a '#`
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Nemokosch why don't you just consume the '#', though? 11:52
it is part of your grammar, after all. It's a legitimate token. 11:53
stevied because I want to give a line with 2 or more pound signs a different meaning 11:54
Nemokosch that still sounds like a grammar design problem
since Raku grammars are PEGs from what I heard, you could just match to that different meaning first, hence only the single '#' reaches that meaning 11:56
stevied i don't know what a PEG is
Nemokosch parse expression grammar or sth like that 11:57
stevied dunno, all I know is that this will make processing the lines with actions easier for me 11:59
Nemokosch Not sure if it's worth it, though
since it's not really compatible with the underlying grammar concept, there can be caveats 12:00
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stevied stackoverflow.com/questions/716788...-lookahead 14:11
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