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venus007e Why does the raku bot just write random questions etc.? 21:39
lucs Actually, those are comments copied here from the IRC channel (<#768511641758466088> at irc.libera.chat). 21:45
venus007e oh cool
lucs And similarly, comments from here are copied to the IRC channel.
drakonis but it doesn't apply to the channels that are marked as bridged to irc 21:46
they are only bridged from irc, that is. 21:47
venus007e Also, i was wondering, if raku can technically be seen as a functional language, because it has many aspects, simelar to for example scala, and scala is known for beeing functional.
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stevied Raku is often referred to as a multi-paradigm language 22:43
Which just means it can do procedural , OO, or functional styles of programming 22:45
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